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Balagezong Grand Canyon

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Shangri-La Top 2 in Can't Miss Attractions
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Opening Soon Open from 8:30am-4:30pm
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 0.5-1 day
Address: Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Shangri-La County, Nixi Township, Yunnan
Phone: 400-6613-399 0887-8229222

What people are saying:

Don't look at the comments of the blowing gods and gods, this scenic spot is not worth 5 points. The scenic spot is one hour drive from the ancient city of Shangri-La. The ticket price is 170 including transportation in the scenic spot, and the elderly and students have a half price and free ticket policy. After entering the scenic spot, the first attraction is the Grand Canyon. After walking 2.5 kilometers, you can return to the original road, the whole journey is 5 kilometers. The scenery on the way is generally, the walking is tired, the return trip can choose to take a pimp for the price of 120/person, the guide and driver gave the time to return to the car for half an hour. The second attraction is a temple, go in and go out, half an hour. The third attraction is the glass path. In addition to the one-dollar shoe cover fee, I didn't hear that there was any other fee. The scenery is generally not amazing. There is a ropeway to play as if 120/person. Full round trip 2.8km. The fourth attraction is the village of Baragourt, you can drink some tea and go to other people's homes, then you can take the bus back. The fifth attraction is the bodhi tree, outstretched the hand to grab money, free, out of the scenic spot in the parking lot, but feel very interesting. Few staff members were seen throughout the trip, and visitors wanted to smoke cigarettes, even the very rare staff members were smoking. When the scenic car went to the first two attractions, the original car was required, and then they did it casually. It shows that the staff said that the collection during the specified time is actually irrelevant. The scenic spot has not been developed well, there is no surprise and no interesting, maybe the time is not good, at the end of July, the scenery is really general. Perhaps the first time in the eyes of the few who travel to the mountains to see such a large mountain so deep canyon is spectacular and excited, feel that the trip is not at all more beautiful scenery. But if you've ever been to Jiuzhaigou or Tibet, this is a real waste of time and energy.

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Balagezong Grand Canyon offers breathtaking natural scenery. Here, you can visit the deep canyon, the awe-inspiring snowy mountains. You can choose to kayak in the valley, or visit the primitive, photogenic ancient Tibetan villages. You will also see a thousand-year Bodhi tree, the branch of which resembles human palms. It's quite fantastic. The naturally-formed Buddhist tower is also a special attraction in the park. You have to trek from the end of the Jiala village road in order to visit the Buddhist tower.
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Getting Around

You can board the sightseeing buses from the entrance of Balagezhong Grand Canyon, to Bala village, and then to the cliffs. The tickets to the scenic area are inclusive of the sightseeing buses.
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Helpful Information

1. Tourists at Deqin (Town) or Meili Snow Mountain should visit the Balagezhong Grand Canyon as it is along the way. 2. If you are walk touring the Canyon, it is advisable to wear comfortable and anti-slip shoes and also do bring your own food and water as well as raingear.
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󰄩Shuttle bus
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