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"Observation Decks"
145.1 mi from Shiquan, Huashan
"Huashan is the west foot of Wuling, famous for its strange adventures, it has the theory of "the first mountain in the world of strange adventures" and "one way from ancient Huashan". It is located in Huain City, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and it consists of 5 peaks: kitamine undai, Higashi mine asyo, Minami mine ochotsu, Nishi mine lotus, and Chumine tamayo. East peak is also known as Chaoyang peak, 2090 meters above sea level, by the North Peak through the Ear cliff, Canglong Mountain, a stretch of cable up the wall, to the East Peak. Peak top has a platform, high risk, wide view, generally climbing at night to go to the East Peak sunrise, is the best location for Huashan sunrise. Climbing Huashan on a cold winter night is a view of the sunrise of the East Peak. Huashan East Peak is composed of several peaks, such as Shilou Peak, Botai and Chaoyangtai, among which the Chaoyangtai is the highest altitude, this platform is high in danger, wide-eyed, in the top of the East Peak, is the sun first shining place, and is the best location for visitors to watch the sunrise of Huashan, East peak is also called Chaoyang peak. Standing in the sunrise direction of the sun-watching platform, high peril, wide view. Red clouds like the rays, covered by the night of the hills. The sky is brighter, red rays and rising, blue sky, the mountain more clear. The sunrise moment, beside is full of tourists' praise, let people feel the "red sun rise, its Dao Daguang" magnificent scenery, indeed spectacular. Because the east peak sunrise platform cliffs leaning against cliffs, watch sunrise more people, do not crowded to occupy positions. There are many landscapes in the East Peak, and there are the most famous cliffs on the side of the East stone tower, and there are the blue dragon pond, the kanroku pond, the sankai cave, the Qing Dynasty cave, the eight views palace, and the Taiji Higashi motomon. I am a clockwise, a travel love photography love punch card of the old youth, travel is my life is a compulsory course, is an indispensable part of my life, I love casual and casual photography, also love to share my journey experience and experience, if you think my notes help you, Please give me a compliment."