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Solvang Trolley & Carriage

Solvang Trolley & Carriage

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327m from downtown
"The Danish town of Solvang is Danish meaning "sunshine pastoral". It is a Danish town in the United States created by immigrants from Denmark through the transplantation of the architectural style and community planning of their hometown Denmark. According to statistics, two-thirds of the resident population in Sauven is of Danish descent. Many people say that if you are in North America, why not fly thousands of miles to Nordic Denmark to reflect the Danish customs? But I still want to say that a small town still cannot compare with Denmark! This big wild sheep is also so handsome. Since riding the sheep on the underworld, he has a soft spot for sheep and sheep~ When we came, there were not many people in the town, so we can enjoy this tranquility with peace of mind~ Americans like dogs and they are big dogs. Many dogs are not very good-looking and ugly. But in fact, many Americans keep pets like most of us to buy expensive pets. Many of them adopt and adopt stray dogs. Pets do not distinguish between the noble and the bad. The habits of the dog follow the owner, so the behavior of being a dog is sensible. You can see the character of the dog owner. Most of the dogs raised by Americans are big dogs and they are very big dogs. Most of these dogs are very sensible and very relative. In fact, sometimes we think that beautiful dogs are actually ugly in the dog world. When the warm sun under the blue sky and white clouds, the Nordic hut with steeple wooden doors, the red blue green awning, the big windmill, the round beer barrel, and the bright red flowers. Sweet taste, this is not a fairy tale, what is it? The town is very sweet and peaceful. The home furnishings are warm and pleasant. If you don't stop and admire or sit down for a cup of coffee, you will feel sorry for life. You can buy a lot of real handmade works here, such as shoes. Not only are the styles exquisite and the quality is good, the price is not expensive. Below the clock tower is the famous Copenhagen Hotel in the town. If you have time, you must stay here for one night and enjoy the rare quietness here~ Most of the small towns in California are mostly Spanish-style buildings~ and this is a place for you Bright special existence~The reason why the flower master is called the flower master is because he likes flowers, flowers and grass. Later, he was fortunate to have a variety of flowers~~ later he was called the flower master~ Huaye likes ordinary flowers and does not like the feeling of angry flowers very much Untrue. The bright sun shines on the town. The bright colors of Banlan reflect the blue sky. In half a day, I drank American coffee, tasted cakes, ate huge ice creams, and teased squirrels. It was really unbearable to leave. It was really comfortable. Americans really enjoyed it. Unlike ordinary American towns where buildings often occupy large tracts of land, Solvang’s buildings seem not to care about the empty fields around the town, but are packed together. The windows are also tall and slender. There are usually a lot of vertical lines on the exterior walls. At first glance, it looks like watching a widescreen movie on a TV in the past. Everything is thinner. It is said that this architectural style native to Denmark was originally intended to maintain the indoor temperature in cold areas by relying on narrow windows and compact designs, but in sunny California, this style is quite different. This 56-year old car is too dazzling, but everyone is full of dazzling capital! I wanted to see what kind of person the owner of the car would be. I just couldn't wait."