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Recommended sightseeing time:1 day
Address:Pīra'e, Windward Islands, French Polynesia

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How to play in Tahiti has a style. Watch this in-depth guide. Tahiti should actually be called Tahiti, a French island. Foreign media have unanimously commented that this is the "closest place to paradise". By this evaluation, I can't restrain the excitement and want to go on vacation. I sorted out the information on Tahiti and made a guide to Tahiti for everyone! The vast sky-Rangiroa Atoll The name of Rangiroa Atoll translates to the vast sky. The shape of the atoll looks like an irregular oval, which is very shocking. When you come to the atoll, if you are lucky, you can see many rare marine life, such as dolphins and turtles are relatively common. The seawater around the atoll is particularly pure and it is a world-class diving resort. Many diving enthusiasts are scrambling to come to the atoll. There are also wineries in the resorts on the atolls, and the wine industry produced in this wonderland is particularly fragrant! Address: Atolls of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Opening hours: Open all day to enjoy the gifts of nature-the Falumai waterfalls came to this northeast corner of Tahiti, and heard the sound of waterfalls far away . Originally known as the Great Triangle of Waterfalls, the three waterfalls are distributed in different positions and echo each other, making it extremely spectacular. Although not as magnificent as some large waterfalls, there is a touch of tranquility and refinement. And bathing under the waterfall is allowed here, which is really good news. Bring your equipment and set off. I have stayed at this attraction and don't want to come out. Address: Tumoff at PK 22.5, Coastal Road Opening hours: Open all day in Tahiti's beautiful town-Pilare has such a seaside town on the east coast of Tahiti. The most distinctive town is the town The buildings with colonial architectural styles are actually buildings that combine French and local styles. The local city hall is the most famous, and you can also visit it. When I was tired, I came to the seaside to enjoy this beautiful seaside town. The rich local style attracts me. This is also the first place to stay. Don't miss it! Address: Pīra'e, Windward Islands, French Polynesia Opening hours: Open all day, a super complete shopping center-How can we not shop in the Weimar Shopping Center when I come to Tahiti, shopping on the island is very interesting. Weimar Shopping Center is the first shopping center on the island. The shopping center contains most of the goods that can be bought. It can be said that it is all available and affordable, especially the seafood in the fresh food area. There are boutiques, gift shops, bookstores, well-known restaurants, Seagull Cafe, etc. in the shopping palm. It feels like returning to the metropolis and it feels great. Address: Avenue du Maréchal Foch, Pape'ete Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30, Saturday 9:00-12:00 or above is the recommendation of Tahiti, really interesting, stay I was very impressed, and there are still many interesting places I haven't been to, which gave me a second chance. I hope that experienced friends can share their experiences in the comment area!


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