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Qiandaohu Youwu Li Yinghuochong Theme ParkBusiness Suspended

Qiandaohu Youwu Li Yinghuochong Theme Park

4.7/5133 Reviews
"Theme Parks"
Ranked #15 in Chun'an Can't Miss Attractions
28.9 mi from Tonglu, Chun'an
"Two-day tour of Qiandao Lake around Zhejiang As a current dozen workers have a travel heart but no time to travel, have to spend the weekend around Zhejiang to play. Before in the micro blog hot search saw Hangzhou Qiandao Lake scenery video, super good, and friends about the weekend Qiandao Lake tour. Arrived at Qiandao Lake on Friday night. First of all, go to the local most characteristic place, Fengqilong Lane, let people feel the humanities of Qiandao Lake. After a while, go back to the hotel to rest and prepare for tomorrow's play. The next day: I saw the "My Hometown and I" in the primary school is said to be the net red primary school of Qiandao Lake, since came to Qiandao Lake, must go to punch card! Net red primary school teaching building breaks the tradition of ordinary school teaching building, take bold color, combine some artistic features, punching the photo is really great! In the afternoon, we went to the beer town. Thousand Island Lake beer is also very common in Hangzhou's hotel. So come to punch in the beer town, there are a lot of people there. When I was playing, I heard that there is a place in Qiandao Lake that can see fireflies. Curiosity hooks up, we went online to make a strategy. Look at super good, decided to go at night! Watch people go to say that the fireflies here will hear the song flying, I hope we can see. The firefly park is very large, very wide, all the way into, just waiting for the music, finally in the near-terminal place to see this scene. Come to Qiandao Lake, must come to punch card! The next day: went to the Tianyu Observation Deck, the scenery is really super good, green mountains and green water, the Qiandao Lake is really beautiful! The friends who come to Qiandao Lake must come to punch in these places! 1⃣️ Qilong Lane 2⃣️ Qiandao Lake Wanghong Elementary School 3⃣️ Qiandao Lake Firefly Theme Park! 4⃣️ Tianyu"