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Amusement Parks
Garden Jialebi ParadiseNearby City

Garden Jialebi Paradise

4.6/51592 Reviews
"Amusement Parks"
Ranked #5 in Anji Can't Miss Attractions
56.8 mi from Tonglu, Anji
"[Smile R] Dive at the piglet is also worth two brushes. The pastoral Jiale is better than let me play ~🎈 Many Baoma asked me, where is the better play in Zhejiang? I definitely recommend Anji's pastoral Jiale ratio. This is a super treasure paradise, many people don't know. 📷 This park is a large area. It is said to occupy nearly 2,000 acres. It is said to be a park. But this is not just a park. It includes an amusement park, a water park, a zoo, an animal circus, a farming culture, picking, and a rural complex built as a group. 🎀The greening in the park is very good, the air is very fresh, rent a small electric car, take the children to go shopping, play, very comfortable. 🎉 There are many rides, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, slides, pirate ships, flying high in the sky, cableways, etc., I am not afraid that you are not enough to play, I am afraid that I can't play, and there are many small animals in the zoo to buy a carrot to feed the deer. No more than spending a large price to go to Nara ~💎 Oh, there is a horse farm in the park. This is the only project in the park that charges a single fee. Come and ride a horse, don't mention how cool. 💌 There are so many fun in the scenic area, such as watching the pig diving, and the sea lion show, it is easy to play, forget the time, the park closes at 5 pm, pay attention to control the play time."