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19.3 mi from downtown
"With boyfriend Tianzidiji | nanny-level card capture mountain clear water show is the best place to summer vacation, today recommended to you is the place with Guinness World Records Zilong Gorge rafting! ! !  Attractions: Hangzhou Yutianzidi Scenic Tourist Area Address: Tickets for Luoshan Village, Baijiang Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province: 90 yuan / person to play small tip because the scenic spot is in the countryside, so it is recommended to drive by yourself, especially Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and other Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai small partners, drive to it is very convenient, Usually within 1-4 hours drive.  play time is recommended to be one day, you can stay at the local B&B hotel for one night, there is also a hotel in the scenic area , the conditions are very good, the key is it is on the edge of Tianzi Lake, the scenery is super beautiful ~ summer sunscreen should be done, it is best to prepare some mosquito repellent water! ! !  You can go to the dinosaur garden when you go up or down the mountain. The dinosaurs inside are lifelike and full of childish fun. When I went shopping with my boyfriend, I found that many children, especially boys, like to stay here. The parents' shouting is not listening.  Step panicking I am not a fear of heights of the crowd, but I will still feel afraid to walk this, the main thing is a bit shaken, below is a great abyss, too much courage! ! !  Zilong Gorge rafting has played the longest and most exciting glass rafting. No one, the glass rafting that was played before ended in a few minutes, this is a long ten minutes, there are many curves, exciting! ! !  Cork pontoons are not afraid to play with the fearful friends can also try this, although the wooden bridge will also sway, but it will not sway so much~ Sky Mirror/Wisteria Gallery two excellent spots for photographs, I found that many places in this scenic spot use purple, It feels like the designer is a very romantic person. There are a lot of people taking pictures in the sky mirror, you can go early.  I still visit the karst cave of the shaft. It feels quite novel. The temperature inside is a bit low. The anti-freeze boyfriend is a little unable to hold up in short sleeves. If you want to visit, remember to prepare a thin coat. The transportation of the flying magic carpet up the mountain is very good for the scenery. It will pass through the woods, but it is blocked by glass, so there will be no tree squat to rub to itself~Ps: Some of the projects inside need to be charged separately, not included in the ticket. Relaxation over the weekend is really suitable, not only to breathe fresh air during the play, but also to relax and exercise both physically and mentally~"