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Shoshazan Engyoji TempleNearby City

Shoshazan Engyoji Temple

4.8/517 Reviews
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"Taoist Temples"
Ranked #3 in Himeji Can't Miss Attractions
39.2 mi from Tsuyama, Himeji
"Tendai sect dojo on the mountain in the north of Himeji, Japan. As a fan of Japanese Sengoku + Dahe drama, this place is really not in vain. After visiting Himeji Castle, take the Shinhime Bus No. 8 on the bus opposite to Himeji Castle, get off at the Shuishan Mountain Cable Car, and then take the cable car up the mountain. Enkyo Temple has a long history. During the Warring States Period, Hashiba Hideyoshi existed as the base camp for attacking Maori. Hideyoshi set up his base camp here, and he can see the form around Himeji. However, the temple used the word "chaotic entry" for Hideyoshi's behavior. After getting off the cable car and climbing along the path for 15 minutes, I arrived at Yuanjiao Temple, where the incense is very strong. After visiting the worship, follow the signs to the "Three Halls". Dahe drama "Military Officer Guan Bingwei", movies "Assassin Nie Yinniang" and "The Last Samurai" have all learned from here. There is a "historical site of officers, soldiers and guards" behind Santang, which was mentioned in the Dahe Opera Journey. Kuroda Kanbei's popularity in his hometown of Himeji is really high. When Enkyoji entered the mountain, a staff member charged us 1,000 yen. He told me a lot that only the name "Kuroda Kanbei" I understand . It can be seen that there are many people who visit the historical sites of the guards and soldiers. Even the cable car has pictures of the guards and guards (see picture). In short, besides Himeji Castle, there are many interesting places in Himeji City, and Shuishan Mountain is one of them."