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Keizo Morimoto Memorial Hall

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"Historical Sites"
Address:98-1 Sange, Tsuyama 708-0022, Okayama Prefecture

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  • 1970JM

    The exhibits are interesting, but the buildings and ceilings are great.

    Original Text

    The Morimoto Keizo Memorial Hall, located in front of the stone steps toward Tsuyama Castle, has deepened the awareness of Tsuyama's wealthy merchants, but as much as that, the interior of the building, especially the decoration of the ceiling, was attracted. This is the "Old Tsuyama Christian Library", and the inside is a description of the spread of Christianity in Tsuyama, and there is also a preaching table.

    Reviewed on /Date(1567646423000+0800)/
  • Ryutaro H
    Ryutaro H

    Modern architecture built in the Taisho Period

    Original Text

    It was built as a Christian facility in the Taisho Period and is now used as a local museum. It seems that Kanzo UCHIMURA visited it, and it is also a 1 page of Tsuyama's history.

    Reviewed on /Date(1549763093000+0800)/
  • 4068kasshysayaken

    Beautiful Western style in the 1920s

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    When I traveled to Aomori, there were many banks and western museums, and I saw here and immediately associated Aomori. When I saw the explanation, it was still related to Aomori, and it was a wonderful western museum in the 1920s. This is a characteristic building with a cross in the back of the clock tower and inside it, which gave me a impact.

    Reviewed on /Date(1548508664000+0800)/
  • Culture809595


    Original Text

     What is it? I discovered a building in the middle of the city that feels the height of the academic nature of the city called Tsuyama. The former Tsuyama Christian Library, which was established for the purpose of Christian documents missionary work, is now the Morimoto Keizo Memorial Hall.It was built right next to Tsuyama Park in the center of Tsuyama city in 1926. As the content is handed over, I think the history of this building survived in this first class is wonderful because of the private efforts, and the value is high, but the economic rationality is not very high ...

    Reviewed on /Date(1540947971000+0800)/
  • Footprints809968

    Retro building

    Original Text

    It's at the up entrance of Tsuyama Castle. The tourist information office is on the east side. I imagined that it was the place where people gathered the most in the past.

    Reviewed on /Date(1506770051000+0800)/