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Mimasaka Soja-gu

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Ranked #11 in Tsuyama Can't Miss Attractions
"Other Places of Worship"
Address:427 Soja, Tsuyama 708-0007, Okayama Prefecture

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  • NorthStar5202463

    Meizuo Yushe Palace

    Original Text

    Visited to Misaku Sosha Palace in Okayama Tsuyama. It was a magnificent and high-class building. There were few people. It changed my mood well. I want to go again.

    Reviewed on /Date(1583892073000+0800)/
  • Extraordinary809292

    Great and wonderful shrine building

    Original Text

    Misaku Sosha-gu Shrine is one of the three major shrines in Misaku.The main enshrined deity is Omiki-no Mikoto. It is named Sosha Gu shrine by enshrining all the shrines in Misaku 65 villages, including the two shrines of Ichinomiya Nakayama Jinja shrine and Ninomiya Takano Jinja shrine. The main hall was an important cultural property, a local unique Nakayama zukuri style, and was magnificent and wonderful. The shrine office was absent, but the Takano Jinja shrine visited after that called and revisited.  

    Reviewed on /Date(1551990435000+0800)/
  • qgb03133

    Because I went to summer, there was no person in the company office and there was no goshuin.

    Original Text

    I went to the summer, so I couldn't get a goshuin without a person in the company office. It was better when there was a new year or something ceremony festival. I was sorry to go.

    Reviewed on /Date(1543162656000+0800)/
  • Culture809595

    Misaku sosha

    Original Text

     Near Kokufu, it is located on a small hill behind the residential area. It is a fairly long approach to climb the hill, and it seems to be a walking path for residents. The shrine building is quite large and still Nakayama style. It is designated as an important cultural property in Taisho 3 years and quite early, but this is the only among the < sosha > in the whole country.

    Reviewed on /Date(1540598277000+0800)/
  • syaimu

    It is larger than the sosha shrine.

    Original Text

    I visited at 10 in the morning but I was able to get the goshuin. It is a large shrine of scale. It was said that there was a feature in the root.

    Reviewed on /Date(1540440628000+0800)/