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Minosaku Genpo Former Residence

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Ranked #20 in Tsuyama Can't Miss Attractions
Historical Sites
6, Nishi, Shinmachi, Tsuyama, Okayama PrefectureMap

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  • tadakim2016

    His ancestor was from OMI Genji!

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    Even though I heard the name, I was a person who did not come with a pin, but I visited after learning in detail at the next western museum, so it was very good. It was also surprising that the ancestor of "Misaku Nguyen Ho", a pioneer of Western medicine, introduced the world to the world, was from OMI Genji. I remembered that the small mountains in gokasho CHO, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture and Azuchi CHO, Omihachiman City were Mt. misaku, and that was the place where the ancestors of tsuruho produced it! In addition, a family tree written by the descendants of tsuruho tsuruho was exhibited, and many large ...

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  • OnAir803420

    It's displayed in a row of tiles in Tsuyama Jo castle and tiles in Machiya, so I recommend you not to miss it.

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    There is a Tsuyama Western Studies Museum on the north side of this area, so I recommend visiting both facilities for those interested in Western Studies in the late Edo period. On the other hand, this is located on the east side of the Preservation District of the important traditional buildings, and the wire is grounded, so it is ピッタリ for photography (see photo attachment). Also, this is the intersection: between 4 (7.3m) deep: between 17 (30.9m) and the size of the intersection The old システム that the tax is decided is felt, and a little ... east

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  • 4068kasshysayaken

    A birthplace of a western scholar from Tsuyama

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    It is also open for free. The history of the end of the Edo period in Tsuyama has been made of western studies, but the building of the cherry blossom writer has been restored at all, but it is too well maintained, and when I entered it, there were several beautiful lanterns, and I felt that it was an excess exhibition. I thought it was a place to visit in Tsuyama.

    Reviewed on /Date(1548508216000+0800)/
  • Culture809595

    and there's a bronze statue in front of the station.

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     It was when I saw a bronze statue of the standing next to SL in front of JR Tsuyama station on this day that I knew the person who became the tsuruho of Tsuyama. The bronze statue in front of Gifu station is the hero representing the land, without waiting for examples such as Oda Nobunaga in front of Gifu station, Shingen Takeda in front of Kofu station, and Kurasuke Oishi in front of ako station. It is true that I didn't know why this person was placed in that position. Just visited this old house and learned a little about its achievements. At the end of the Edo period or ...

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  • Explore808835

    Western scholars who were active at the end of the Edo period

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    He was a Western scholar who was active at the end of the Edo period.He was appointed as a professor at the Bunsho Chosho, a western studies and education institution under the direct control of the Edo Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun), and was involved in the establishment of the Vaccination Museum, and later established the foundation of the University of Tokyo Medical School. Even so, I was a little surprised to know that there were people who had a considerable thickness, not only in Tsuyama, but also in Misaku Nguyenpo.

    Reviewed on /Date(1537461248000+0800)/