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Maya Snow Mountain

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Ranked #17 in Wuwei Can't Miss Attractions
Snow Mountains
Opening Soon Open from 9:00am-5:00pm
Recommended sightseeing time:1 hour
Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwei CityMap

What travelers say:

Maya Snow Mountain is located in the western part of Tianzhu County, the main peak of the white Tibetan language called Renbush, meaning the highest mountain Sumi, Maya Snow Mountain due to the shape of the teeth of horses, the year-round snow and gained the name, Tibetan people honor it as a god mountain, holy mountain, set the heroes, strange, dangerous in one, sometimes Jianfeng up, directly into the clouds, Awesome.


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It is called Anigazhuo in Tibetan and is located in the west of Tianzhu County, 35 kilometers away from Tianzhu County. It runs from northwest to southeast. It is about 45 kilometers long from east to west and about 10 kilometers wide from north to south. Mount Sumeru, 4447 meters above sea level. Ma Ya Snow Mountain is named after the teeth that resemble a horse and are covered with snow all year round. At the foot of Maya Snow Mountain, there is Yinyin grassland stretching for more than 10 kilometers. Every year on June 13 of the lunar calendar, local herdsmen will hold a grand ceremony of offering sacrifices to Tianchi in Maya Snow Mountain. The Tianchi Lake is tightly embraced by cliffs and cliffs. It is about 0.5 square kilometers in size and looks like a crescent moon. The water of the pool is clear and blue, and the four seasons are as usual. There is a huge rock standing on the top of the Ma Ya Snow Mountain, with a crack in the middle, as if a sharp blade was split. According to legend, King Gesar used this stone to test his sword when he went on an expedition, hence the name "Sword Test Stone". Every July and August, Ma Ya Snow Mountain has a unique natural phenomenon. If there is a loud noise or roar at the top of the mountain, there will be thunder and thunder, dense clouds and mist, and heavy rain pouring down in moments, which is hard to prevent. . After a short while, the fog dissipated, and the snow-capped snow peaks reappeared in front of the eyes against the green grassland. At about 6 in the morning, when you climb the mountainside of the tent mountain in Wushaoling, you can clearly see the Ma Ya Zhaohui. It is generally divided into three stages: "morning light, red sun bathing peak, sun dew and gold". In less than a minute or two, it slowly turned into light red, golden yellow, and milky white, and its landscape was very beautiful.
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