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Qinglong Temple

Qinglong Temple

4.5/5558 Reviews
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Ranked #3 in Xi'an Important Religious Institutions
3.1 mi from downtown
"Qinglong Temple is located in the southeastern part of Xi'an, the ancestral family of Buddhism Esoteric Buddhism. In ancient times, the residence of Tang Huiguo Master, the Japanese Air Sea Master Huiguo Master here, and later returned to Japan to create the Japanese Shingon sect. The tour of Qinglong Temple has three interesting: one, the end of the Buddhist. The main part of Qinglong Temple is divided into two parts, "Huiguo, Kuhai Memorial Hall", Qinglong Temple excavated cultural relics exhibition, can help you to understand the life of Huiguo Master, Kuhai Hoshi and Buddhist thought, the Qinglong Temple's inherited, structure layout. Step into the temple please incense, the east side of the hall of the wall more detailed understanding of the Buddhism Esoteric part of the teaching, suitable for empty-minded study. The second, to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Every March and April, the cherry blossoms bloom, a dream back to the Great Tang. The third, to climb high and look far. Leyou original high terrain, wide view, in ancient times can see the end of the south mountain, now can only see the west in the towers towering in between. Wang Wei, Li Shangyin and other driving high, leaving a long-time famous sentence, such as Li Shangyin's "Deng Le You Yuan", "The sunset is infinite good, just near dusk" no wonder some Japanese friends come to admire the name of just to shoot the Yue Yu Photo. Huiguo, the empty sea memorial hall in the poetry corridor is the eggs, not only Wang Wei, Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, Yudi's good works, but also the same door to the empty sea to return to the day of the reluctant, also has a Buddhist Association President Mr. Zhao Puchu poem, a good sentence "See the time when the law, nectar protect Sun Chi." More details, even a sunny bench, are worth discovering, worth spending time."