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City Parks
Shanglishuiku Park

Shanglishuiku Park

4.5/531 Reviews
"City Parks"
3.1 mi from downtown
Karon Tomato
"I finally came to the legendary Internet celebrity holy land, but this time I came mainly to sketch, and the children like to draw scenic spots recently. First parking 🅿️ is very important, it is not easy, parking on the road in Meihailing will be billed, it is all luck, the local tyrants are free. Everyone said that at the east gate of the Botanical Garden, the parking spaces are very tight. If you are lucky, you can wait in line. If you are not lucky, you will be half-way. I was persuaded to leave the last time I went. After all, that road is a bicycle lane. There are also some people parked on the roadside, but those visual inspections are also changed from the sidewalk, and there are only five or six free parking spaces. Others said that they would stop at the hotel below and walk back. To be honest, it would be more convenient to take a taxi. Therefore, friends who drive to Shangli Reservoir should consider the parking problem. The park is free. At present, you only need to wear a mask to enter. The Shangli Reservoir was built by the Germans a hundred years ago. The area of the reservoir is already very small compared to a decade ago. The whole park has very good greening. The lawns are all large areas, and the grass varieties are also very good. It looks green and comfortable to sit on. Because of the internet celebrity photos, many people have picnics at Shangli Reservoir, and the whole family is out here to relax. It is really comfortable when the weather is good. feels good. Remember to take away the trash when you leave, remember. Finally, let’s talk about the toilets. They were the former mobile public toilets. The disinfection was done, but many people didn’t realize it, resulting in poor sanitation, which can be said to be disgusting. Ninja is at will. So apart from parking, everything else is perfect. One star is deducted because of parking and toilets."
Huli Park

Huli Park

4.4/5162 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5 reviews
"City Parks"
Ranked #15 in Xiamen Great Urban Parks
2 mi from downtown
"Huli Park, originally called Nanshan Park, is located at the foot of Niugongling Mountain in Huli Industrial Zone, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, with a total area of 11.26 hectares and a green area of 7 hectares. [Cost-effective] The park was officially opened in November 1996, and is a comprehensive city park. Tourists can "walk" on the water. The vehicle-like tyre-like water sports equipment is called the "water roller walker", which is inflated and free to walk on the water. It is shaded by trees and mountains. The garden has a unique architecture, with huge arched gates, spacious welcome squares, European-style water dance floors and other architectural sketches that offer a fascinating range of shady paths. Besides recreation, recreation, recreation and physical training, the park is characterized by the combination of recreation and landscape garden, modern science and technology combined with natural landscape, rich in life and cultural connotation. There are seven areas: Welcome area, Children's Recreation Area, Youth Activity Area, Old Age Rest Area, Park Management Area, Recreation Area and Lake Area. There are more than 100 kinds of tropical and subtropical forest flowers and plants in the Lake Li Park. The structure, facilities, configuration and style have a sense of the times. The green grass in the Yingbin Square is like grass, with flowers and branches diffusing, which makes people feel warm by the spring breeze. [Interest] [Cost-effective]"