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Daimei VillageNearby City

Daimei Village

4.5/577 Reviews
"Ancient Villages"
Ranked #3 in Longhai Can't Miss Attractions
16.7 mi from Xiamen, Longhai
"This short trip to Jingzhou, the biggest gain is to visit the ancient village of Xiangmei, about 30 kilometers from the city of Jingzhou. This is a niche attraction, even if the weekend tourists are not too many, I think this attraction will be more hot in the future, to visit early. The site has been known to outsiders only after it was discovered by a Malaysian in 2009 and photographed online. [Scenic] Guomei ancient village is located in Dongyuan Town, Longhai District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, the village is surrounded by water, the ancient kiln is everywhere, there are 276 red brick kiln, neatly arranged, villagers told us that the ancient kiln built in the north of the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, the modern houses built in the south. More than 500 years ago, the village ancestors with a paper to set the pattern of the village, after generations, villagers adhere to the ancient motto, follow the ancestral Chen Shun's philosophy of science, to build their own homes. Whether rich or poor, building by the family unified planning, the descendants are prohibited to change the pattern of the building. If you have money to build a garlic, it's to build outside the village. Because of the deep history, today's Guomei ancient village can be so majestic and beautiful posture to show the world: a river like a jade belt around the village, ancient tiles, gray and white walls, Yan'er tail roof high up, neat and uniform arrangement, rare in the world! ⛰️ After the sightseeing tour is recommended to enter the village, it is recommended to visit the village along the river first. It is close to the ecological picking garden. The ancient kiln can be intersected. The characteristics of the ancient kiln are that there are side doors and front and rear doors in each house. It can be passed through the hall to another house. The locals say that it is not necessary to umbrella or to get wet on a rainy day. 🚗 The location of the transportation accommodation Tanmei Village is a bit biased. At present, there is no public transportation from Tanzhou to Tanmei. It is most convenient to drive by ourselves. We used to call Didi from Tanzhou and the fare is around 100 yuan. But from the ancient city call back to the Jingzhou trouble, car few, here to tell you a solution: ask the village homestay owner to call a car. There is a homestay called "Impression Xiangmei" in the village, and the boss has some chartered resources. It is said that and Tujia can find their home. 🍜 Food recommendations are more special snacks in the village, including old black family macao, ramen noodles, pot edge, etc. There is also a milk tea shop called Tang Yin. The village's folk style is better, you don't have to worry about the rip-off problem. [Fun] The size and scenery are good, definitely not a worthwhile trip. [Cost-effective] Ancient village free visit"