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Hongfeng VillageBusiness Suspended

Hongfeng Village

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73.6 mi from Yanji, North Slope Of Changbai Mountain
"The travel photographers of Changbai Mountain, the card point of the photo shoot you don't know, Changbai Mountain, the only active volcano in China, I believe many people are familiar with it, but many people are worried about how to arrange the trip of Changbai Mountain as a travel photographer based in Changbai Mountain, Introduce to you the niche attractions around Changbai Mountain that are especially suitable for taking pictures: Features Recommendation: Hongfeng Village has built a new villa. In 2019, it is the best place to shoot fog. It is quiet and peaceful. Many people have very exquisite work scenery and take a large film at will. But even the local driver is hard to find, said the specific address: Erdaobaihe to Dunhua direction, go straight through the old and new demon world about 10 minutes left on the dirt road and drive all the way to see. Recommended characteristics: The underground forest in the north slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area Many tourists went to the north slope and rushed to the main peak. If you have seen the great waterfall, you think that the trip to Changbai Mountain is over. In fact, the underground forest is the best place to take pictures. Walking along the Songhua River, The snow-capped underground forest leaves you with a different travel memory. Features recommended: Old Rick Lake as a seasonal lake, to winter is a dream snow world, cross the forest sea, cross the snow is not just the drama drama. Lake Old Rick's special location has made her the best snowfall in the Northeast, and affordable consumption can play the most authentic snow in the Northeast."