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Yanbian University

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Yanbian Top 11 in Can't Miss Attractions
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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 1-2 hours
Address: 977 Park Road, Yanji City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture
Phone: 0433-2733430

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Yanji Changbai Mountain Summer Summer | Northeast Small "Korea" Food Recommended Sights 🏙: ▪️ Changbai Mountain Scenic Area North Slope 🎫190➕🚗80 It takes about half a day to visit. If you are not interested in attractions such as branch line waterfall, you can skip it. You can't take an umbrella at the top and remember to bring a poncho. The weather is so changeable on the mountain that if you don't see it, you can sit in the cabin waiting for a while and see it again. ▪️#Chinese Korean folk custom park # Opens at 10 o'clock and enters the park free of charge. ▪️#Mao'ershan National Forest Park# Free entrance, if the speed of going up and down the mountain, more than an hour can be completed, climb to the top about 1000 stairs. There are many Korean uncles and aunts dancing and singing at the entrance of the park, really has the atmosphere of the Korean Kongo Mountain. ▪️#East Water Market #5:00-8:30Open, along the river market is very lively in the morning, buying vegetables and eating breakfast can be solved smoothly. ▪️ # Yanjixi Market #4 o'clock will be closed, must go early, there are selling a variety of Korean imports, good prices. Yanbian also has the half-day and day-trip arrangement of the Tumen Port, suitable for tourists who have time to rent a car. Traffic 🚌: Changbaishan Airport 🚗 Erdaobaihe Town chartered car 180 yuan 1.5 hour Erdao Baihe Town 🚗 Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area chartered 120 yuan round-trip one-way 0.5 hour Erdao Baihe Town 🚗 Yanji Car Race 70 One 1.5 Hour Yanji City to the airport train station can be taken within 20 minutes, Yanji City to the National Park 4 kilometers, Maoershan 8-10 kilometers. Accommodation 🏨: Yanbian University is conveniently located near the West Market and the middle section, and is basically within walking distance to some popular restaurants. Food 🍴: ▪️#Dapujia BBQ Specialty Shop# There is a long queue for meals, remember to take a number in advance and go around. The package for two is both good value for money and taste, and the buffet watermelon, ice cream and coffee are also delicious. ▪️#Zhenhai Shell Roasted Shell# Big crab 148 yuan a catty, one is about 2-3 catty, ready to be processed into steamed crab and bibimbap, the meat is very full. 50 yuan a catty of Arctic Shell is sold according to the order, the soup of the cooked version is enough delicious, must try! Except for the location. ▪️ Snow and Ice Coffee: Snow ice (DP price 25 yuan) is too special and amazing, small pieces of cake special strong way, milk flavor of the ice is enough, perfect match! ▪️ After-wave coffee: The latte (18 yuan) taste and cost-effectiveness can be comparable to many restaurants in Shanghai, Yanji's take-out cup is necessary to punch in the photo! ▪️#Quanzhou Bibimbap# A restaurant chain in the northeast, the best bibimbap is his home sauce, the price is also very high. ▪️#Songfu Fresh Nationality Flavor# Erdao Baihe Town to Changbai Mountain on the way to fill a good place, mixed noodles and cold noodles taste and Yanji food ratio is still different. Photography 📷: Chinese Korean Folk Park: If you want to rent Korean costumes for photos, remember to go early to choose a good style, the price is 100 yuan for 2 hours. The cafes and restaurants inside take pictures more atmosphere.

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Yanbian University is found in Yanji City, the capital of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province, which is known as the "hometown of education". It is the important construction university of the national "211 Project". Yanbian university's campus area is not large, the terrain is relatively large, campus buildings are full of Korean ethnic style, very ethnic characteristics, around the school food gathered.
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