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Undredal Stavkyrkje

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I stayed on the road to Bergen last night. In a small village called Undredal, I drove to snow this morning. The youngest son came to Norway for skiing for the first time. The weather is good, the scenery is good, and the mood is good... Say something funny, at night Looking for accommodation in the village according to the address, it took half an hour to no avail. I asked the villagers for the wrong way. Seeing that it was dark, I met an uncle and asked the address... He said that his family had put down their luggage and settled in. The uncle enthusiastically asked if he wanted to buy some food to cook, we said yes, he led the way to the only small supermarket in the village; just about to ask why there is no waiter, he smiled and said: I am! Hahahaha, what else can I say... Pay him after buying the fruit drinks; the uncle enthusiastically said that he could buy a postcard at the post office and send it back to his place of residence. I said it was fine. He smiled and said: You are so lucky. Originally the only post office in the village was closed, but now it's reopened for you. It turns out that the post office also belongs to him! ! Look, we have more Lucy and live in the village boss’s house!


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