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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
D23***43This is a huge place! with a zoo, forest to walk in, beautiful gardens, the palace and so much more! Wear your walking shoes and enjoy the beauty!
565 Reviews
_We***98A most beautiful Gothic Cathedral!!! Went with my sweetheart, was awesome!!!
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D23***43Beautiful area to walk around - there are some old ruins there with information as well as all the horse carriages, the lipizzaners, resturants, museums. It fwels like Hofburg is the middle of everything!
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01234567890liHal Mr Eberstadt is Austria''s ancient Seltzer card in a small town, is located in the Hal Mr Eberstadt lake lake, known as "the world''s most beautiful lake in the town. Here, picturesque, Hal Tuesday by United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in 1997 into the ranks of the world cultural heritage. Around the village is littered with more than 70 large and small lakes, lake reflected the peaks in the Alps, the villagers all around the lake here to establish a high standard of water purification system, so the water can be directly drinking here.
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01234567890liThe blue Danube slowly through the city of Vienna. Banks picturesque scenery, beautiful scenery, beautiful Vienna woods stretch the western suburbs of the city, the lush, blotting out the sun shade. Each summer, there are rich and colorful festival will be held.
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01234567890liHuoHeng salzburg fort is located in salzburg old monks in the mountains, is the landmark building of the city. The white castle stronghold has a long history, it was founded in 1077, the former archbishop gradually expand and become, it is also one of Europe''s largest medieval castle. Castle with museums, cafes, and is also a good place for overlooking the whole landscape. To visit the fort, there are two ways you can take opened in 1892, the small gear train up the hill, just 1 minute can come to the top of the hill, the little train every interval of 10 minutes.

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Zum KornmesserAustrian Alps,Austria

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Gasthof AlpenroseEgg,Austria

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SwarovskiAustrian Alps,Austria

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