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Things To Do in Avondale

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love is blueSeeing this great man like John Paul, what can I see more? This is the city center, where masses and gatherings are available. I was lucky to park when I arrived. I planned to come early to avoid parking charges during prime time.
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西行阿里Phoenix Zoo, also known as Phoenix Zoo, is the largest nonprofit zoo in the United States, founded by Robert Mattel in 1962. Zoo covers 0.51 square kilometers and more than 1,300 animals live in it. The zoo is divided into four main areas: Arizona, Africa, the Tropical and the Children's. The other area is the Stinley Bay area, which has a tank showing stingrays. Visitors can take a car to view animals in the park or walk up to them on a 4-kilometer hiking trail.
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Botanical Garden
M30***41This botanical garden is beautifully laid out to highlight the very diverse flora of the Sonoran Desert
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Historical Architecture
love is blueThis visit to the Wrigley Mansion surprised me and my dear. We ate lunch and also arranged an itinerary-in the late afternoon because we spent a long time drinking a drink during our lovely lunch. Our waiter is very nice, very interesting and knows the Wrigley family and this mansion very well. We were the only 2 people on the itinerary in the late afternoon, which made the trip more special and intimate. Our guide was very friendly and welcoming, and shared a lot of stories and anecdotes about the Wrigley family. This was an unexpected journey we did in our short time in Phoenix, but I really enjoyed it, mainly because it was so human and intimate. This is a great way to do something interesting without being surrounded by hundreds of tourists.
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City Park
love is blueThis huge park is located in the southwest of Phoenix. It is a desert reserve surrounded by development zones. Far-sighted citizens have separated this area. What a wonderful place. Nice visitor center. The journey is long. You need to hike in the morning or evening to avoid the heat. Drive to the highest place to see the scenery of Phoenix. No fees. If you like the desert, you should go.
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Featured Neighborhood
love is blueThis is the epitome of roadside attractions. We have read its history on Wikipedia. It's like a traditional tear-gas movie in Miami's Coral Castle. Here is a castle built by a man for his daughter himself, a perfect example of paternal love. The current castles are all built by turning waste into treasure. This guy collected a lot of waste materials to build this strange castle in the 1940s. Really full of creativity, every part of the castle is full of fun. As great as many Disney attractions. And the price of this castle is much lower than that of Disney Castle, don't miss it!

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Raul & Theresa's RestaurantMaricopa County,United States

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Valley Golf CenterMaricopa County,United States

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