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Grotta del VentoNearby City

Grotta del Vento

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Open from 10:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"The "ice cream" hanging upside down above your head, if you only go to the cave once in your life, then Grotta del Vento is your first choice. I went to Italy to play with friends. The locals told me that the caves in Tocana are very famous. I didn't bother them at that time. I also visited the underground long river in China. What's so interesting about Grotta del Vento here. But I went there together after repeated pleading from my friends. Caverns that you won’t regret: When I first walked into the caves, I found that the stones here are completely different from those of our Chinese caves. The Chinese are stalactites, but here are all granite. Under the sun's rays, the granite seems to be covered with many stars, shining brightly. Going further inside, the lights of various colors make the "stars" here look colorful. We didn't walk long along the road. A small river blocked our way. There was a small boat waiting for us. We got on the boat. The boatman told us in fluent English that everything should be under his command. As the oars made water patterns on the river, the boat began to leave the shore, and saw a "sword" in front of us about to cut off our way, the boatman "lay down", the sword brushed our body and rowed across. . . . . . Going forward, I saw "ice cream" hanging upside down on the top of my head, and looking closely at the original shape of granite, it seemed to bring us a hint of coolness. Reminder: In the cave, you must follow the instructions of the staff, otherwise it is very dangerous."