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The mountainous Baise, without surprise, has some mysterious and splendid landscapes. Jixingyan in Debao County is a product of the Baise karst landform. It is considered to be the first hole in Asia and was also rated as One of the ten most beautiful landscapes of Baise, Jixingyan is a naturally formed cave. Because it is deep in the mountains and deep in the world for many years, it has not been used for a long time compared to other caves. So it still maintains the original appearance. When it first arrived at Jixingyan, it will feel unique in the mountains. Cool, the ear is echoing the creaking sound of the mountain stream, and you can already experience the comfortable and pleasant temperature without carefully watching its scenery.
As long as it is a stalactite landscape that can be thought of, it is found in Jixingyan, and there are stalactites that grow particularly strangely in sight. It is divided into five halls. The roads are all landscapes. The sayings are different, "three-point image, seven-point imagination". Here, the cave is seen as its "shape". Some stalactites are more intuitive, such as rising from the ground. The stalagmites hit the top of the cave, and then were lighted by the golden light. It instantly became the "Dinghai God Needle" of Sun Wukong, standing in the cave that was rendered into a fantasy by the light, and it was wonderful.
Everyone said: "Guangxi's terraced beauty, the United States is unparalleled in the world," but most people do not know that the "magnificent terraces" in this Jixingyan are unmatched by any terraces in the world. Because magnificent terraces are the products created by nature, pure natural uncut is the biggest feature of magnificent terraces.