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Trip Moments

A karst cave was discovered about 10 kilometers south of Debao County, Guangxi. The hole was narrow and far away, but it was suddenly bright. This cave is called Ji Xingyan. The
Jixingyan scenic spot runs through five large mountains, and has a large number of caves such as Sequential Cave, Tongtian Cave, Dragon King Palace, Jingtian Cave, Wuming Cave and Ferris Cave.
The stalagmites and stone pillars in the cave are strange, some like an old man, some like a fairy, some like Sun Wukong's "Dinghai Shenzhen", and some like a naughty monkey.
In Jixingyan, the brain hole can be opened to infinity, because the nature of the gods is not conservative, the same scene, in different positions and angles, the visual effect is not big.
Look! There is a tree on the left, there is a branch on the right, and there is a Tianbing Tianhang on the top of the dome!
The cave is silent, the sound of running water is getting closer. Walking all the way, did not feel the third hall, it has a wonderful name - Yaochi Wonderland. But see the thick stone pillars in the pool, which is the trunk of the peach tree. The wall is drooping with peaches. It looks a bit like inverted bamboo shoots. Not far from the peach tree is the Guanghan Palace of the fairy, and the other side of the Yaochi is the palace of the Queen Mother.
Various stalagmites, stone pillars, and peak forests show a fascinating and fascinating picture under the illumination of the lights, reflecting the scent of the clear pool water.
Along the small radial direction, enter another sightseeing hall. A white terrace shocks the eyes, but the terraces are stacked, the water flows slowly from the top, and some of the water is stored in the recess of the terrace. Above the terraces are inverted stalagmites of different sizes and lengths. The red, blue, green, yellow and purple lights illuminate the prosperous scene.