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Things To Do in Balestrand

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m35***24The aquarium in Bergen is not far from the city centre. Due to its unique geographical advantages, Bergen Aquarium has species of animals and plants that are rare in other aquariums in the world. Walking in the aquarium is like swimming in a boat in the sea. There are many rare fish in the aquarium, including a white sturgeon named "Nikita", which was presented by a fisherman named Nikita in 1964.
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288***60St. Olf's church in Barischwanen is solemn and solemn.
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Boat Tour
林荫大道水至清Travel freely in the Sognefjord, and take a ferry when driving. One section is Mannheller-Fodnes, and then from laerdalsoyri to flam, take the old road on the mountain. There is a viewing platform (Stegastein) to view the Narouyi Fjord in Aurland (Naeoyfjord)
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_We***24Oslo (Oslo) is the capital of Norway and the first city. It is one of the richest, safest, and highest living standards in Europe and one of the happiest in the world.
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m35***24The fjord, a rare and unusual feature of the planet, is named Norway, and it has the world's narrowest fjord, so it's worth taking a look at!
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林荫大道水至清Gudvangen is a small town in the Sognefjord, less than 20 kilometers away from the Aurland Fjord. The flam mountain railway passes here. After watching the Aurland Fjord, we will stay in the camping hotel here. If you have enough time, you can also go to Oppheim Lake not far away.

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Balestrand St Olavs ChurchBalestrand,Norway

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The Three Fjord RideBalestrand,Norway

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Balestrand Fjord AnglingBalestrand,Norway

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The golden house galleryBalestrand,Norway

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Sognefjord AquariumBalestrand,Norway

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Nature Trail KreklingenBalestrand,Norway

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Balestrand Weather

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