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Mimo Chiu
Yayasan Shopping Centre is the main shopping centre in the city of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, on the southeast side of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. There are many traditional handicrafts in Brunei, such as carpets, hats, embroidery, etc. In addition to local handicrafts, there are some specialties, but Brunei is very close to Malaysia, so many products are made in Malaysia.
In addition to shopping, the shopping center itself is also a very beautiful building, the top painting is very eye-catching.
Posted: Dec 6, 2018
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After visiting the people on the water, resting on the feet, drinking tea, and savoring the Malay snacks, we continued to take the boat to the next attraction, the mangrove forest, to watch the proboscis monkeys, can you touch the proboscis monkeys and see our character completely. The weather is dark from the clouds to the sun, and it is a bit hot. The little creatures will only come out when the weather is cool, so we have a 50% probability. If you come, please wait, LET'S GO! Go!! Go!!!
From the village, I saw a bridge that I have not built yet. After consultation, I learned that the bridge connects the land and the water village, that is, the village can enter from the bridge in the near future. It is not only accessible by water taxi (boat).
The boat was driving on the Brunei River. Everyone's big eyes looked around the dense woods on both sides. In order to see the proboscis monkeys, I didn't dare to speak loudly, for fear of disturbing the little guy.
After entering the mangroves, I saw a lot of water herons, indicating that the ecological environment is good. I checked some information about the proboscis monkeys
, and chatted with the locals that the proboscis monkeys only exist in the estuary of Borneo. Mangrove life can survive. In other man-made
environments, there is absolutely no way for the proboscis monkey to survive, because the proboscis monkeys only eat the leaves in the mangroves. Because it is connected to Malaysia
's Sabah (the first question was that Sabah was originally the land of Brunei, and later the United States sold the fast land to Malaysia to make money, until the 28th king took up the post and prevented the sale of land. Preserving the current Brunei), so only Sabah and Brunei can see the proboscis monkey. It is said that only the Bronx Zoo in New York has successfully built a habitat suitable for the survival of proboscis monkeys.
Blue Tulip
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Kampong Ayer
Shui Cun is actually the residence of the wooden structure of the Brunei Malays built on the Brunei River for hundreds of years. It can be said to be Venice of the East. There are not only 30,000 villagers living in the building, but also hospitals, schools and mosques. The post office, the police station, the shops, and the restaurants are really basic living facilities on the land. They are owned by the water. Dont look at the simple appearance of the houses, but in fact some of the homes are exquisitely decorated and antique. People living in the water village rely on water wooden speedboats to travel between land and water villages. The whole water village is connected by wooden bridges. Because it is built on the water buildings, it is easy to be corroded. Therefore, the government funds the facilities of the water village every year.
[] is located between the Japanese restaurant and the western restaurant opposite the yayasan shopping center;
[tour time] is about 1.5 hours;
[tour expenses] There are yachts for tourists in the water village pier, as long as As you approach the dock, many boat owners will come to you and ask you to go to the village. The price is 20 HKD/person (or 50 HKD/boat). The price of only the water village is about 13 HKD/person (including the water village showroom). If the bargain is up to 15 ren/person, it is equivalent to RMB 75. If there are no other tourists, congratulations on chartering. The contents of the visit to the water village include: visits by Shui Cun people, yacht rides to see the city of Bandar Seri Begawan, the view of the Sefu Ding Mosque and the Royal Palace, the visit to the mangroves, and the proboscis monkeys.
[Best Tour Time] Brunei is a tropical country with summers all year round, so it is best for sightseeing in the morning or evening. The weather is hot from 11 to 16 and the proboscis monkeys are less likely to appear.
Blue Tulip