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Blue Tulip
At 6 o'clock in the morning, we came to the seashore of the day, and the stars were decorated with a black velvet sky. The sea was shimmering by the silver moonlight, and the gentle sea breeze slammed through the laughter of the woods on the shore and the waves of the waves. Resounding the wonderful symphony. A bright line jumped out between the sea and the sky in the distance. The sharp sword seemed to open the corner of the sea. The rising sun was about to appear on the scene. There were countless golden lights hidden under the red clouds, carrying hope to break through the darkness and jump out of the water. Filled with half the sky, and not to mention the intoxicating people of the sky blue, does not say that this round of sunshine leads to countless golden lights lingering on the water. If there is a boat, a seagull, an old man and a child in it, the rest is self-satisfied, forming a landscape that is harmonious with man and nature.

6 pm Strolling in the seaside of the Imperial Hotel, the white clouds under the blue sky are like ladies and sly and floating.
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Lake Suwa
Where is the fireworks meeting in Japan with the number of NO.1?
8.15 per year, the Suwa Lake Fireworks Conference in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture will set up a 2km long fireworks launch pad on the round lake, which will launch a total of 40,000 rounds of ammunition, including three feet of jade (the diameter of the fireworks is 60 after the bloom) The size of the rice). This is the largest and largest fireworks exhibition in Japan.

Where is the local fireworks shooting spot for local photographers?
[Lishi Park] with a straight line distance of 1.3km from the fireworks launching platform and a height difference of 150m. The park was also blazed by Xin Haicheng's movie "Your Name" and promoted to the new three night scenes. The fireworks shooting from here is highly sought after because it contains many reference objects (the fireworks will be more spectacular in contrast to the high buildings on the lake) and the complete round lake.

[Important information not to be missed] The actual shooting strategy
8.14 at noon every year, the staff will clear the park, the tripod placed before this time will be removed. Afterwards, everyone can enter the venue to place a tripod according to the broadcast prompt to leave, and come back before the fireworks meeting the next day.
-In Japan, watching the ball, watching shows and eating, etc., they will occupy a seat with a piece of cloth or a scarf, and people can leave.
-Because of the windy weather on the mountain, in addition to the tripod and picnic cloth, you need to prepare heavy objects such as tape, water, folding chairs to reinforce the tripod.
-To get a good position in the first row, you need to wait in line at the park before 11 o'clock.
- There is no bus on the day of the Fireworks Festival, and it takes 40 minutes to climb the mountain on foot. The bus can be used to sit on the mountain the day before.
-There is only one shared toilet for the whole mountain, which is lined up for about half an hour.
- There are no other stores besides the machine that sells drinks, you need to bring your own food up the mountain.
- Rainy days will not cancel the fireworks meeting.

Transportation: Take JR to [Sakagami Station], take the bus to [Rishiishicho Station] in front of the station, and walk for 10 minutes (the day of the fireworks meeting is stopped). The timetable is collected at the center of the station.
LiAn Zhang