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E43***04Being from Calgary I have always enjoyed going for the day and enjoying museums,views,hot springs and the cute shopping district.
Two Jack Lake
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fz570628Double Jack Lake in Banff National Park, Canada is located 10 kilometers northeast of Banff Town. Next to Lake Minnewanka, you can see the Lendal Mountain to the south. The water of Double Jack Lake is blue-green. There is a small island in the lake, which is very similar to Lake Maligne and Elf Island in Jasper National Park. It is covered with cedar trees.
Sulphur Mountain
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西溪老翁Sulphur Mountain (Sulphur Mountain) is a mountain located near Banff, Alberta, Canada. It is about 2450 meters above sea level. You can climb the top of Sulphur Mountain and overlook Banff Town, Bow River and Banff Hot Spring Hotel at the foot of the mountain. Lake Minnesota, Canadian Rockies. Sulfur Mountain is named after the sulfur hot springs found on its slopes. You can choose the Banff Gondola (Banff Gondola) or hiking trails to climb the Sulphur Mountain. Hiking up the mountain along the rugged and winding trails is time-consuming, and it usually takes about an hour to reach the top of the mountain. Therefore, tourists usually choose to take the cable car up the mountain, and can enjoy the view of different heights as the cable car rises gradually. The cable car station is located about three kilometers south of Banff town. There are buses from Banff town. The elevation difference of the ropeway is about 680 meters. It takes about 8 minutes to reach the top of the 2,250-meter mountain. Mountain top view Sulfur Mountain is the best place to overlook Banff Town. There is a four-story building (Upper Terminal) on the top of the mountain. Each floor has different functions, including coffee shops, souvenir shops, and the highest restaurant in Canada. The fourth floor It is an open-air observation deck with a better view. If you walk up the hilltop trail, you can reach a meteorological observatory built in 1903. The building still exists, and visitors can see its interior through the windows.
Bow Falls
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迷尼哈哈文成公主Not far from Banffdowntown, walking along the Bow River for one kilometer, you can see the waterfall, which is also related to Monroe, the scenery is good, the water is clear and the water volume is large.
Banff Gondola
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Cable Car
圣热尔韦昂瓦列尔周勃I came to Banff in the summer a few years ago and prepared to take the cable car to overlook the panoramic view of Banff. At that time, the service staff at the cable car ticket office took us to the monitoring screen and suggested that we be cautious because the visibility on the day was not good. But I was impressed by the seriousness of Canadians. This time I was finally seated, and I could have a panoramic view of Banff town.
Banff Upper Hot Springs
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
新-云It is a swimming pool-style hot spring located on the Sulphur Mountain near Banff, Alberta, Canada. You can enjoy the hot springs surrounded by mountains, and you can overlook Mount Lundal from here. Enjoy.

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Two Jack Lake
Two Jack LakeBanff,Canada

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Sulphur Mountain
Sulphur MountainBanff National Park,Canada

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Bow Falls
Bow FallsBanff National Park,Canada

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Banff Gondola
Banff GondolaImprovement District No. 9,Canada

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Banff Upper Hot Springs
Banff Upper Hot SpringsBanff National Park,Canada

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Cultural History
Natural Landscapes
National Parks
Banff is a unique metropolis located within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. The resort town has ample of boutiques, nightclubs, shops, fancy restaurants, and museums for its locals and tourists. Visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site to experience the birthplace of Canada’s national parks and learn about the natural and cultural history of the mountains. Discover the hot water that seeps from the rocks, smell the minerals, and explore the trails. Enjoy it on your own or take one of the many guided tours. The Cave and Basin National Historic Site is a popular tourist attraction of Banff, which draws a lot of visitors to Banff.
A Must Visit in Banff: Cave and Basin National Historic Site
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A Must Visit in Banff: Cave and Basin National Historic Site
Leisurely Vacation
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
St. John's
Moose Jaw
Salmon Arm
Sault Ste.Marie
Thunder Bay
Canada is an alluring country not because of its great landscapes or its exclusive snow bears and ice castles but also because multicultural, diverse, energetic, amicable, and a safe place to live in. This country is one of the safest destinations to travel to or to set in camp. Canada has always been so accommodative of other sections of people. The natives are warm and friendly, and it isn’t a nightmare to start up a conversation with them. Sharing one of the world’s longest international border, with the United States of America, Canada has been at par in developing alongside the major power.
12 Coolest Canada Cities Well Worth Visiting
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12 Coolest Canada Cities Well Worth Visiting
Natural Landscapes
Sunrise / Sunset
Outdoor Adventure
While planning a trip, we all wonder whether to go hiking, river rafting or just spend quiet time looking at nature. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do all of them in one place? If you are looking for such a place where you can do activities as well as enjoy a peaceful time, look no further. Banff Canada is the place to be! The town of Banff and the surrounding national park is one of the main attractions in Canada. Be it any season, the place is absolutely heavenly with its enormous mountains and quaint streets. A quick look through the pictures of Banff and you will realize that the place is nothing short of a fairytale destination. But apart from being a visually beautiful place, Banff also is home to many adventures. Thus, every year tens of thousands of tourists flock to Banff for its scenic beauty and also to enjoy the several adventure sports there. One of the most famous adventure sport being the Banff Gondola! Let’s talk more about this Banff Gondola ride.
A Guide to having a Gondola Ride in Banff, Canada
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A Guide to having a Gondola Ride in Banff, Canada

Banff Travel Tips

Banff Transportation

Flights : Most people will first fly into Calgary international Airport, and then take the Banff Airporter to Banff. The Brewster Banff Airport Express route goes through the town of Banff, Calgary city, Lake Lewis, Canmore, Kananaskis Country and Jasper. You could arrange for pick up services through Mountain Limousine, which could bring you to Banff, Lake Lewis and Canmore.

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Best Experience in Banff

Come to Banff National Park to be close to nature and enjoy the outdoors; try out the local restaurants and savor the poutine (a local delicacy of fries, gravy and cheese) and take the cable cars to witness Banff’s mountainous beauty. During winter, enjoy the snow and you could go to the time honored Fairmont Banff Springs for the spa and relax into your holiday bliss.

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Helpful Information about Banff
Time Zone
UTC -7
Peak Season
June - September
Canadian Dollars
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police, Fire, Ambulance:911

Banff Weather

Jan 20, 2021
-14 ~ -2
Jan 21, 2021
-17 / -6
Jan 22, 2021
Partly Sunny
-15 / -5
Jan 23, 2021
Partly Sunny
-13 / -6
Jan 24, 2021
Partly Sunny
-8 / -6
Jan 25, 2021
-16 / -6
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Banff
Jan 20, 2021 Banff Weather:Clear, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:41%, Sunrise/Sunset:08:35/17:12
Banff Driving:Suitable, Running:Not Recommended, Cycling:Not Recommended
Banff welcomes its ‘short spring’ from May to the middle of June with the teeming up of the forest and with the occasional grizzly bear passing through; it entails a rather breathtaking moment. Summer is from mid-June to August and it is the ideal time for outdoor activities. With the sunny weather, you could stroll through the parks, go rock climbing, boating, and rafting. Autumn sets in from September to November, and with turning of the season the roads and sightseeing spots are starting to close down. You have to put on more clothing if you are planning to go outdoors. Mid-November to April begins the long winter season. This is best period of time for winter activities like skiing, ice climbing and soaking in the hot springs. In April, you could also watch the awakening of the hibernating bears in the mountains.

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