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Amusement Park
Chalerm La Park

Chalerm La Park

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"Amusement Park"
"Thai Player | takes you around a number of niche attractions in Thailand (VWS with detailed cost-saving travel routes) No: papaya is a mall selling antiques, which are valuable items that the owner himself has retrieved from around the world. Sofa, hanging painting, clock, retro installations, there are all kinds of ways to arrive: (There is a certain distance from the city, Google Maps search address, take the bus) No::Chalerm La Park A park that is all graffiti wall, randomly shoot large films of visual almost no tourists, there are local people playing the ball arrival method here::: At Bangkok Bts light rail to the National Gymnasium Station, exit the station and walk about 100 meters opposite the MBK shopping mall No: phyathai PalacePhyathai place Piethai Palace, the palace of the Royal Thai Family, more than 100 years of history pay attention to the visit must be combined, vests, shorts there is only one afternoon tea restaurant, recommended to go. Restaurant royal style decoration, civilian consumption. Arrival method: Google Maps Search, take the bus No: the circle ratchapruk A park with colorful shops set the park to step up, take pictures, gourmet in one almost no tourists, less people arrive way: Take taxi No: white day to take pictures of the cafe, suitable for afternoon tea the circle ratchapruk Park, opposite MK the circle No: Bangkok Art Center, comprehensive cultural and artistic center, gathered private art galleries, cafes, bookstores and many other exhibitions to hold the way to arrive: Light Rail Station: national stadiumNo: Mercantile Railway Market Train Train through the world-famous attractions of the food market by mini bus: Remember to pay attention to the train departure time when you arrive at the sai Tai mai station! Inbound: 8:30, 11:10, 14:30, 17:40 outbound: 6:20, 9:00, 11:30, 15:30No: Ampava water market boats are walking on the water, many merchants sell food and food on the boat, mostly seafood, barbecue Linjiang walk, comfortable arrival mode: Merchant Road Railway Market Huai'an Pava Water Market (Double car access to Ampava Water Market)"