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Things To Do in Banma

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M23***23Ashqiang Temple, a unique faction of the Tibetan sect, is beautiful and generous.
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爱耍的周大爷Aba County to Lianbao Ye is a total of 45 kilometers, the road conditions are good, run to fly! The scenic gate to the now developed Zha'ercuo, 25 kilometers, currently only self-driving, the scenery is beautiful, walking along the road, played for two hours, very suitable for pointing the road; It takes only 40 minutes to hike to Zha'ercuo from the parking lot. The lake is still thick with snow. It is estimated that it will take June to melt. It will be another sight! So good place, why does no one come to Qingming Festival?
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I23456On June 5th, the lunar calendar was planted with awns, and it was at the Nianbaoyuze scenic spot at 3pm. When I entered, I was desperate, strong wind + heavy snow + 0 degree weather. The snow-capped mountains behind the Fairy Lake can't even be seen. However, the weather in Tibetan areas is like a child’s face. Within an hour, I stood in the cold wind and witnessed the gradual hail from the heavy snow and hail days, and the snowy mountains in the distance gradually appeared, and finally to the clouds and mist. Disperse, and finally on a sunny day, this kind of weather change is really amazing and I feel so lucky. Nian Baoyu, shining in the sun, can definitely be described as unparalleled.
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_We***51Ji De Temple is located in Banqian Village, Dengta Township, Banma County, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with an altitude of about 3383 and 56 kilometers away from the county seat. It is the farming monastery of the Kanggan tribe of Goluoash Qiang Ben. The 7th Red Riding Hood Karmapa Yixi Ningpo was born here-Awo Village. When the 7th Red Riding Hood Karmapa Choying Dorje was recognized by the 10th Black Hat Karmapa and went to Tibet, the 7th Red Riding Hood The parents of the Karmapa Yixi Ningpo founded the Ji De Temple in 1650 AD, belonging to the Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. There are famous sacred objects such as white conch in the temple. The mother temple was the Chupu Temple in Naga Township, Duilung Deqing County, Tibet. Later, due to the long distance, it was changed to the son of Babang Temple in Dege County, Sichuan during the period of Sidu Quji Jiangnai. It is one of the earliest temples in Guoluo Prefecture. It is also the only Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the prefecture.
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青仙CyanUnder the blue sky, thousands of kilometers of red wooden houses, a few magnificent halls, it is hidden deep in the mountains of the world's largest Tibetan Buddhist Academy. Here people do only one thing all day, is practice. Away from the earthly cumbersome. Along the winding hills southwest of the tower overlooks the entire Buddhist Academy, which is a great photo opportunity. There is a shuttle bus down the mountain, and if you have enough time, it is highly recommended to take a walk, which is a wonderful experience for both the visual and the spiritual.
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真诚7577Here comes the green grass in spring, the singing of Bailings, the flow of gold and the gurgling water in autumn, the picturesque scenery all year round, plus the peculiar topography, which resembles a spit rat lying peacefully, representing the auspicious gathering of real wealth. place.

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Banqian TempleGolog,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Banma, including: Ashenqiang Temple,Jide Temple,Baizha Temple
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