Banos de la Encina
Sierra Morena
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Things To Do in Banos de la Encina

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子龙糖糖Spain, like her most famous knight Don Quixote, embraces romantic fantasy in the real world, and sticks to the traditional spirit in the wave of modernization. Spain is the country with the largest number of cultural heritages in the world. Islam, Judaism and Catholicism have ruled this land successively, leaving a splendid culture. From the Alhambra Palace to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Spain interprets what is called "perfection" with one after another architectural miracles; from Picasso to Dali, the inspiration of genius swayed freely under the Spanish sun.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
chengse12135Alan brady palace is a treasure, palaces, gardens, large dense grain appearance, are amazing. Several important including, rhett palace, al sarwar castle villa, Christian architecture, museum and the Summer Palace. In addition, you can see the mountains across the ancient Muslim community albay sheen. Need to remind you that must be very early to go to buy a ticket. Alan brady palace only sells 6600 tickets every day, but only a third of a moment in a window to sell, the rest will be in the network reservation in advance. Here we are also glad that the off-season, to avoid a large number of tourists, quietly to see this fantastic garden. Alan brady palace of worthwhile places for you to stay so much. Can you spend at least the most about browsing.
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chengse12135The process from the monastery to the mosque to the Catholic church is really attracted me, let me see in the transformation process of the wisdom of the religion to get along with. There seem to be very few over to them, nothing down, nothing up this tit-for-tat attitudes, and just according to their own religious use function to adjust the original architectural features and improve. Although have damage, but, after all, still retained many of the essence of the original building, so to leave this with the appearance of Islam and a Catholic heart grand buildings.
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Ancient Settlement
chengse12135Granada is a lovely little city, the city, especially against the mountain of the river a trail walks has distinguishing feature very much. Albay area, I feel very general, because have been to Turkey, feel very tourist commercialization, don''t feel very special. Must make fun of granada tapas is really bad... We play with native lattice lanner talent for 7 days, on the whole is granada can stay 1 day see generalife, more good than Allah hampshire blah, eat the supermarket to buy as far as possible do yourself. While eating outside cheap, but are almost always Fried food. Eat delicious in Spain or going to the north. Washed a bath in the Arab here, through the time seems to have, very recommended!
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chengse12135Calleja DE las flores near the mosque in the ghetto, is a very typical cordoba quiet alley. Unlike other parts of Andalusia and cordoba is a city flower city, small town everybody knows flowers, love flowers, and flowers. It can see in the calleja DE las flores, in the narrow, winding alleys flowers hanging on the wall, windowsill with flowers, even the roads are filled with flowers. Suggest travelers don''t miss love flowers beautifully calleja DE las flores, cordoba courtyard section may in every year, some parts of the garden will be host is decorated with flowers, free and open to visit.

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