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About Baoding

Baoding is a city in Hebei which has been famous for more than two thousand years. It was the provincial capital of Hebei from 1966 to 1968. The Zhili Provincial Governor’s Office and the Ancient Lotus Pool are two sites in downtown Baoding that showcase the glory of this ancient city. Leaving the city proper, the natural landscape of Yesanpo has become an excellent place for escaping the summer heat. You can also go to Lake Baiyangdian and take a wooden boat through the verdant reeds. If you find the history of China's Qing Dynasty interesting, the Western Qing Tombs won't let you down. This is the final resting place of many Qing dynasty emperors including Yongzheng and Daoguang.

Popular Attractions in Baoding

Baishishan World Geopark
4,420 Reviews
Geological Sites
Baishishan World Geological Park is located in the south of Laiyuan County, Baoding Prefecture. It is an area of astounding natural beauty whose main attraction are spectacular marble landforms whose peaks are covered in green forest. Baishishan is named after the white marble found throughout the mountain. At the peak, there is a glass skywalk overlooking precipitous cliffs. If you are brave enough, it is worth walking across it.
1,918 Reviews
Located in Sanpo Towship, Lishui County, Baoding City, The Hundred-li Canyon is a distinctive sight in the Yesanpo Scenic Area. Bailixia is mostly made up of steep canyons. Here, you can see spectacular canyons and watch the streams and waterfalls. In summer, the temperature in the scenic area is relatively low, making it a nice place to get away from the heat.
Ye Sanpo
714 Reviews
Located in Lishui County, Baoding, Hebei Province, Ye Sanpo is a great place for summer trips in the rural areas of Beijing and to enjoy the natural scenery. Ye Sanpo is a collective name for a scenic group, which comprises canyon cliffs, alpine meadows, cave wonders, river sceneries, etc. Each scene has its own characteristics. Each year from April to October, it is extremely pleasant to come here and view the mountains and rivers or explore the caves.
Langya (Wolf’s Tooth) Mountain
1,856 Reviews
Langya (Wolf’s Tooth) Mountain is located in Baoding in the western part of Yi County. It is part of the Taihang Mountain range and is some 45 kilometers away from Yi Town. This mountain is dangerously steep. It gets its name because its peak is so sharp and pointy, resembling the tooth of a wolf. Langya Mountain has borne witness to many of history's tales and legends, among which, the tragic story of five Eighth Route Army soldiers who sacrificed their lives in a bloody battle against the Japanese. Visitors who come to Langya Mountain these days will find themselves faced with a majestic mountain landscape full of trees. While they are here, they can also take the opportunity to remember the five brave martyrs who sacrificed themselves defending their homeland.

Baoding Weather

Aug 13, 2020
23 °
Aug 14, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Moderate Rain
Aug 16, 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain

Trip Moments

Jinchaji Revolutionary Border Region Memorial Hall Beifeng that blows, snowflake that floats... people's prostitutes have flowers, you can't buy me money received two feet red Head rope, give me joy to tie up / hc / - "White Hair Girl" / hc / presumably this lyrics are familiar to everyone, as a classic movie, it through a colorful folk The legend reflects the history of the suffering of hundreds of millions of farmers in the old society. According to the textual research story, Luanping County in Baoding City, Hebei Province, was the first post-enemy anti-Japanese base area created by our party and our army. It was created by our founding Grand Marshal Nie Rongzhen in 1937. She is not only a strong bastion of the war of resistance in North China, but also a frontline position for our army to enter the northeast and capture North China during the strategic counterattack against Japan and the war of liberation. If New China comes from Xibaipo, then it can be said that Xibaipo started from Chengnanzhuang. Today, the Jinchaji Border War Memorial Hall was established on the original site of the base. It is not only a national patriotic education demonstration base, but also one of the 100 classic scenic spots of the National Red Tourism. It is also a national 4A national tourist attraction. The whole scenic spot is composed of the exhibition hall, the sculpture square, the former site of the Jinchaji Military Region Command and the Houshan air-raid shelter. The total area is 147,000 square meters. The exhibition hall has an exhibition area of 1,700 square meters and a length of 260 meters. It has 259 pieces of cultural relics, 222 photos and 31 charts. The content of the exhibition is divided into six chapters, which are arranged according to the development of history from the establishment of the base area to the transfer of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to Jinchaji. Through each chapter, let us have a clearer understanding of the past history and understand the important role played by the Jinchaji Anti-Japanese Base in the founding of New China. In April 1948, Chairman Mao led the central government from Shanbei to Jinzhuang, Jinping County, and lived for 46 days. During the period, an enlarged meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held to examine the situation and adjust the southern line strategy, laying a solid foundation for the victory of the three major campaigns. Comrade Mao Zedong personally awarded the honorary title of "Model Anti-Japanese Base Area". There are still rooms where Chairman Mao lives and works. The simple table and chair beds show the hardship and difficulty of resisting Japan.
Posted: Jul 16, 2019
Knight Rider   
In the 400-year-old history of Shunping County, Baoding County, it is farther away than the well-known Slope of Ma Ma. We started from Beijing and arrived in traffic without traffic jams. Qing seed tree B&B is built in the Sanmiaofeng scenic spot. The original ecological village children, some villagers are in the sheep, the reed chicken is bent, the aunt and aunt are sunbathing at the door... There is a 200-year-old green seed tree at the entrance of the village. It is said to be a "yin and yang tree". This year, flowers bloom here. Next year, the green seeds can be pressed or fried. This tree-covered green seed tree, especially beautiful in autumn [stay] a total of 8 yards, the most recommended hospital No. 2, extra large, more vegetation, so look good. Followed by the 1st and 3rd courtyards, there are terraces, and the space changes a lot. Some are boudoirs, there are big beds, there are also standard rooms, to see the number of people who go, which room type is suitable for which yard. There are two bedrooms, there are also multiple rooms... each yard is equipped with a butler, caring service. [Eat] The green seed tree is a new homestay that is familiar to the reclusive villages. It is still the same as the Yijia, Shanshan Xiaoyuan, Huanghuahua, etc., including afternoon tea, dinner, breakfast, continued If you live, send lunch. The steward's meal is delicious, the breakfast is full, there are sauce tofu, potato silk, millet porridge, taro, egg, small pickles... lunch is a variety of stir-fry, soup, hawthorn juice... dinner can Eating a brazier pot is a local hot pot that is super delicious. [Play] After breakfast, there is a trip to San Miaofeng, flat land, small river water, it is effortless to walk, the old man is no problem.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Quansheng Gorge Scenic Area, Tianshengqiao Scenic Area, Yesanpo White Grass Scenic Area, Mount Hu Scenic Area, Yugudong Natural Scenic Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Baoding, including: Yishui Lake, Western Qing Tombs, Government Department, Green Creek Valley Park, Xushui Dawu Hot Spring.
The Tomb of Li Shugu, the Dabaiji Site, the Shadow Sanlang and the Da Songtai are all good.