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About Baoting

Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is located in the central part of Hainan Island to the south of Wuzhi. It is bordered by Lingshui County to the east and Sanya City to the south and west. Through many long years, natural lifestyle and society, the Li people in the Baoting area have created a rich and colorful ethnic culture. The Hefang Tea House and Qixianling Hot Spring are two of the famous attractions in Baoting. They welcome a large number of tourists every year. Baoting's excellent climate, in combination with its beautiful natural scenery, makes it a great place for holiday travel.

Popular Attractions in Baoting

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
10,402 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone mainly comprises the three scenic areas of the Rainforest Valley, Dream Valley, and Sandao Valley. Here you can see a virgin tropical rainforest ecosystem and experience the traditional culture of the Li and Miao peoples. The area contains a variety of other attractions such as high zip-lines and rope slides, so guests can enjoy thrilling amusement activities in the primeval setting.
Qixianling (Seven Fairies Ridge) Hot Spring National Forest Park
838 Reviews
National Park
Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park is located in the northeastern part of Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County. It includes both hot springs and forest areas. The area's main charm lies in the hot springs, the sharp peaks, the ethnic customs and the pastoral tropical scenery. The park has three main tourist routes: the Qixianling National Park experience route, the rainforest adventure route and the adventure summit tour. The seven peaks of Qixianling stand like fingers around the palm of a hand. Looking like a cluster of fairies, the name of the mountain comes from this resemblance. The climate here is warm and the mountains are densely covered with pristine rainforest. This is a natural kingdom of plants and animals.
Shenyu Island
239 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Shenyu Island is located in the Baoting Li Autonomous County, Sanya City, near the Maozhen reservoir. It is a miniatures version of the tropical rainforest on Hainan Island. With a focus on Chinese jade culture and ecology, the site aims to create a world-class cultural tourism resort that combines culture, art, tourism and health. It is also committed to making people happy, with its people-oriented service platform. People and health are the heart and soul of this fun, healthy eco-friendly service platform.
Narada Resort & Spa in Qixian Mount
267 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Narada Resort & Spa in Qixian Mount nestles in the scenic Qixianling National Forest Park with the theme of "tropical rain forest" and "wild creek and hot spring." Located at the foot of the mountain in south Qixianling, the Narada Resort & Spa sits against mountains and is surrounded by coconut trees, areca catechu palms and cotton trees. There are flowing streams. Dozens of detached villas stand among mountains, blending with the tropical rain forest, wild creeks and hot springs.

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Baoting Weather

Aug 12, 2020
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Trip Moments

China's diamond-level rainforest scenic spot, Yanoda is simply the concentration of the five tropical rainforest boutiques in Hainan Island! In the north, Wuzhi Mountain, Qixianling and the central green hinterland can be seen from the observation deck of the scenic spot. The coastline of Haitang Bay, Wuzhizhou Island and Monkey Island are all in sight. Just in time for the 38th Goddess Festival, Yanoda is free to women! However, it also caused the number of people in the scenic spot to be excessive, and the ticket office was full of long queues. The Free Day of the Goddess Day lasted for 3 days and was a sea of people every day. Yanoda's name is very strange. In fact, "Yenoda" is a vocal word, which means one, two, and three in Hainan's native dialect. The scenic spot gives it a new connotation, "Ye" means innovation, "Nuo" means commitment, "Da" means practice, and "Yanoda" is also meant to welcome, hello, and express friendship and blessing. Tropical rainforest valleys cover the sky, the waterfalls cascade down, the average annual temperature is 24 degrees, except that the mosquitoes are too hungry, this rainforest oxygen bar is really like, people who are few people still try to go as little as possible, we I once met a snake in the scenic spot, and the rain forest was still careful. Although the sun is very hot on the land of Hainan, it will not be hot as long as there is a shade. If you find that the sun is shining very well during your trip to Sanya, it is definitely the best choice to come to Noda. The rain forest is dense, and the whole process is under the shade of the trees. There is no need for parasols. The animals here are very friendly to tourists. Except for some slightly aggressive animals, alpaca, guinea pigs and other grid protection, other birds. Fish can be observed at close range. There is a snake museum in the rainforest where you can observe the big python through a glass cover.
Posted: Mar 18, 2019
vivi slow life   
In the rainforest, intimate contact with small animals tropical Sanya in addition to the sunny beaches, there are dense and tranquil rainforest. Yonoda Forest Park can see a variety of wild tropical forest plants, horizontally growing old trees, and tree-grown vines, which are unique sights that can be seen in tropical forests. Here, you can go down the wooden path, with wild trees growing on both sides, and you can see the naughty little lizards by chance. The curious little squirrels pass by and find these cute elves, which are also very happy. Things. The setting of the wood plank is also very special. You can see the hollowing out in some places, leaving the tree growing. This is also the unique insistence of Yanoda. For them, every tree here is worthy of respect. When developing, it is necessary to leave room for their growth. In the middle of the mountain, it is a stimulating zip line, and the zip line is also the longest zip line in the country. Sliding down the hill, it is very exciting, overlooking the forest at the foot, overlooking the forest at the foot, overlooking the building of the Rainforest One Resort in the Forest Park, very enjoyable. End the strops' journey and continue down the plank road, which is the tropical wetland here. There are arrogant ospreys living here in the wetlands, elegant black swan white swan family, standing on the edge of the wetland, buying a pack of fish food, attracting fish and swans to their side, teasing cute little swan, It is also very interesting. (Friendly reminder, the black swan family but the net red swan, the character is also relatively gentle, and the white swan will be more fierce than the black swan).
Posted: Apr 8, 2019