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Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
In the rainforest, intimate contact with small animals
tropical Sanya in addition to the sunny beaches, there are dense and tranquil rainforest.
Yonoda Forest Park can see a variety of wild tropical forest plants, horizontally growing old trees, and tree-grown vines, which are unique sights that can be seen in tropical forests.
Here, you can go down the wooden path, with wild trees growing on both sides, and you can see the naughty little lizards by chance. The curious little squirrels pass by and find these cute elves, which are also very happy. Things. The setting of the

wood plank is also very special. You can see the hollowing out in some places, leaving the tree growing. This is also the unique insistence of Yanoda. For them, every tree here is worthy of respect. When developing, it is necessary to leave room for their growth.

In the middle of the mountain, it is a stimulating zip line, and the zip line is also the longest zip line in the country. Sliding down the hill, it is very exciting, overlooking the forest at the foot, overlooking the forest at the foot, overlooking the building of the Rainforest One Resort in the Forest Park, very enjoyable.

End the strops' journey and continue down the plank road, which is the tropical wetland here. There are arrogant ospreys living here in the wetlands, elegant black swan white swan family, standing on the edge of the wetland, buying a pack of fish food, attracting fish and swans to their side, teasing cute little swan, It is also very interesting. (Friendly reminder, the black swan family but the net red swan, the character is also relatively gentle, and the white swan will be more fierce than the black swan).
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Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
Yanoda, in Baoting County, Hainan, is an original tropical rainforest, about 40 minutes drive from Sanya. Compared with the famous scenic spots on the beaches of Sanya, Yanoda is low-key and introverted, but it is one of the few 5A-level scenic spots in Hainan with distinctive features.
Yonoda's excursions, the general tourists will go to the rainforest to walk, know a variety of tropical plants, including the rare tree species such as the mysterious Hainan huanghuali and the poisonous trees like blood and throat, others will follow Streams, or high-altitude ziplines, but few people know that there is also a three-way valley in the Yanoda area, an undeveloped rainforest secret.
Along the tour of the plank road, the plank road is built along the stream, the water is clear and at a glance. The creek is a scattered boulder. The chaos is self-contained, and the stream passes through these boulders. It is slow or urgent, and no one is disturbed.
The original ecological rainforest is also unmodified, and the trunk grows obliquely and slanting. From time to time, there are vines blocking the way. There are many vines in the tropical rain forest. The more common name is called Jianglong's vines are also Chinese herbal medicines. This rainforest is a paradise for animals. Since there are few tourists coming, all kinds of insects are infested.
Yanoda is a natural oxygen bar. According to monitoring, the average negative oxygen ion content in the air reaches 30,000 per cubic centimeter, which is several times or even ten times higher than that in the city.
Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
The characteristic of Sanya is the sea. Almost all the scenic spots rely on the seascape resources, which are similar and similar. Yanoda, 35 km from the center of Sanya, is a tropical rainforest-focused scenic spot. Walking through the virgin forests with a variety of plants and animals, take a deep breath and enjoy a health journey.
South America's Amazon rainforest, there are many beautiful parrots living in Yananda, Hainan. The red-winged macaw is imported from Amazon. It has a gentle temperament and likes to interact with visitors. It will also kiss visitors when it is close. The smaller one is called the Sunflower Parrot. It comes from Australia. There are more than 60 parrots in the entire scenic spot, and there is a special parrot performance in the afternoon.
These parrots are more common in the scenic area. They are available in several places and can be taken together with tourists. The most tropical rainforest features.
Yonoda Rainforest Valley Scenic Spot is a walk in the tropical rain forest. Most of the plants around you have never seen it, and you can't name it. There are more than 1,000 acres in the rainforest valley, more than 1,400 kinds of trees, more than 140 kinds of southern medicine, and more than 80 kinds of tropical flowers. It is indeed a paradise for tropical plants.
is very suitable for bringing children to the scenic spot. There is a brand on each kind of tree. It briefly introduces the information of this tree and also shows a science base. The 3.5km wooden plank road makes the forest trip smooth and yet Easy.
Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone