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Sichuan Yaan Shenmulei Scenic Spot Car CampsiteNearby City

Sichuan Yaan Shenmulei Scenic Spot Car Campsite

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"This season is starting to be gentle and really love the taste of autumn because this season is gentle and quiet quiet to bring you joy camping recommendation: God base God base is located in Baoxing County, Sichuan Province, 259 kilometers away from Chengdu, about 4 hours drive. The Shenmu base is about 3000 meters above sea level, both ancient trees and the plateau meadow primitive forest landscape is well preserved, very suitable for the Morinian fairy style. More interesting, the piglets are occasionally encountered in the area, they don't seem to be afraid of strangers at all, walking slowly by you, and leisurely carrying picnic outfits of weeds: outdoor tables and chairs: dicarpants for the purchase, affordable price, quality, especially chairs, Sit up very comfortable. Tableware: specially selected French dishes, cups and tablecloths. Food: Bring your own sandwich hot dog fruit because it feels so beautiful after the arrangement, it's too late to make a fire to cook and start taking pictures. Wear a recommendation: Morin lace underwear + vintage yarn skirt, you are the little princess in the forest Tips: 1. God's wooden base is in the Tibetan area, but the road is good. Don't worry about the difficulty of driving a self-driving car can be driven to the back of the scenic parking lot. 2. The little brother and sister who don't like the mountain climbing are in the forest to make a scene. It is beautiful. The temperature difference between the morning and evening in the 3 mountains is very large, even if it is hot at noon. Wear thick coats in the morning and evening. Be sure to keep warm 4. When the weather is good, you can see the beautiful cloud sea in the mountains. When taking a photo, it is a good big movie."