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Observation Deck
Clevedon Pier and Heritage CentreNearby City

Clevedon Pier and Heritage Centre

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"Observation Deck"
Open from 10:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The pier under the sunset is still so charming and long corridors, leading to the next part of the journey, Clevedon Pier and Heritage Centre is definitely a good place to take pictures, there are people posing for pictures when I go, wow, it really looks like that. Ancient feeling, there is a feeling of going far away. From a distance, I saw a long corridor supported by pillars. It was made of wood. It was spliced by pieces of long wooden boards. It was very comfortable to walk on. At the end of the corridor there is a tower, which can also be said to be a pavilion. The triangular shape looks like an old castle. Under the light of the sunset, the sea is sparkling, leaning on the handrail, it is definitely a beautiful photo. . Standing on the pier and looking across, the endless ocean is so wide, the sea and the sky in the distance are connected, and the sea level is invisible. If you are tired from taking pictures, you can go to a nearby cafe to sit and watch the beautiful scenery in the distance. Drinking mellow coffee, simply don't enjoy it too much. There is also a small museum next to it. Although there are not many collections, the relevant introduction is still very detailed, and you can go shopping when you are free. It is recommended to arrive at four or five o'clock in the afternoon for sightseeing. If it is a sunny day, it would be even better. The sunset, sea water and wooden bridge are great."
Cotswolds WayNearby City

Cotswolds Way

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"Observation Deck"
"When you get to Broadway, you have to look at the Broadway Tower (Broadway Tower), which is on the Fish Hill next to the town. This is the last section of the "Cotswold Road" from Bath. It takes 2 hours to walk back and forth from town. Going up the mountain has to pass through the pastures of different people. You need to repeatedly open and close the fences one after another (to prevent the sheep from running to other people's homes). There is a wooden "Cotswolds Way (Cotswolds Way)" sign post every other stretch of the road to guide visitors. The sun will not go down until 10:30 in the UK in June, and I have climbed past pastures one after another in the warm sunset. Those happy sheep are lazily on the hillside "better than strolling in the courtyard", either turning a blind eye to me-it's not strange to see, or staring at me stupidly-after all, Chinese faces are rare and strange. Standing on the top of the mountain, looking around, you have a panoramic view of the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, small villages are bathed in the sunset, and the land is peaceful and tranquil. In the evening breeze, a young couple was immersed in the sunset. I pointed the camera at them, and they uncannyly kissed in front of my camera. Yes, such a warm scenery requires warm romance, and I printed their beautiful pictures in the sunset glow of the Cotswolds. But this time it's not like Greece, no director is a reality show."