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Popular Attractions in Beidaihe

Pigeon Nest Park
7,152 Reviews
Theme Park
Parent-child tour
City Park
Pigeon Park is a famous attraction in Beidaihe. The park has great sight lines to the ocean. Watching the sunrise in Pigeon park is a can't-miss activity for all visitors! Migratory birds pass through here every year in the Spring and Autumn, so it's an ideal place for bird-watchers to visit! The park's rocky beachers are also amazing as well!
2,558 Reviews
Beidaihe is located on the eastern seaboard of Beidaihe District in Qinghuangdao. Beidaihe's coast has many bathing beaches, where you can play in the sand, enjoy sunbathing, swim in the sea and even go parasailing and motorboating, among other aquatic activities. Dove Nest Park, in the eastern part of Beidaihe, is a great place to watch the sunrise and tides. Along the coastline there is also the Qin Imperial Palace, Beidaihe Movie and TV Town, Sea World Park and other such distinctive tourist attractions.
Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park
5,297 Reviews
Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park is a beautiful, natural zoo located in the Beidaihe Waterfront Area. The zoo fully protects and utilizes all of its resources. It uses large rings to separate different kinds of wildlife in order to simulate natural conditions as closely as possible. The park contains over 5000 animals, representing over 80 different species. This includes level 1 and 2 international endangered species and level 1 and 2 national endangered species, such as the Northeastern Tiger,
Tiger Stone Marine Park
1,245 Reviews
City Park
Many different types of reefs spread in the Tiger Stone Marine Park. They look like a group of tigers, some scattered on the beach and some in the jungle. Standing on the reef, you can hear the sound of the sea and enjoy the scenery. There is a small dock in the park, where you can dock yachts and go fishing.

Beidaihe Tours & Tickets

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Beidaihe Weather

Jul 17, 2020
23 °
Jul 18, 2020
Jul 19, 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain
Jul 20, 2020
Moderate Rain

Trip Moments

Childlike time - Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park is a must brush to Beidaihe. Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park is built in the seaside National Forest Park between Qinhuangdao and Beidaihe. There are more than 4,000 animals in the park, and the entire zoo is covered with trees and the environment is beautiful. It is a great place to relax and watch the animals on weekends. After entering the zoo, you can choose to travel by car or park. The first thing I saw was the Parrot Garden, Monkey Garden, Elephant Garden and so on. These wild animals are basically in close contact, and the lemurs can be fed directly! (20/person for a separate charge). There are also many small animal pony, lamb, little leopard and other animals, very cute! Touring the beast area can take a small train in the park and have the opportunity to watch Tiger Park, Lion Park, White Tiger Park, Wolf Park, Bear Park and Wild Boar at close range. From the Beast area to the African region, there are African wild animal giraffe zebra alpaca. Get off here, you can feed the camel across the fence, not only that, but also the opportunity to buy branches to feed the giraffe, summer also touched the head of the giraffe, hairy, very obedient. At the terminal you can get close to the poultry! Red-crowned cranes, black swan, peacocks, etc. are graceful, like the proud princesses striding forward. Although there may be more traffic jams when driving, but you can drive at any time to communicate with small animals for a long time, which is very suitable for children. Right, remind you, it is best to have a full meal, then bring a little snack into it. First, there is a place to eat, there is a box of rice with instant noodles. A box of 30 yuan, with braised pork and beans; 10 pieces of instant noodles. The taste of the box lunch is quite good, it is a little expensive. Second, in the herbivore area, you can feed. For example, small biscuits, carrots, leaves, cabbage leaves, etc., although there are also sold in the scenic area, but expensive! 1 small bag of biscuits is 10 dollars, 1 leaf, also sells 10 dollars. Third, the whole zoo is quite big, and when you are full, you can go in and go for a walk. Visitors can do a free sightseeing train to go to the mountains to see the animals. If the time is sufficient, you can walk up, but it should be very tired and time consuming.
Posted: Oct 6, 2019
One-way space - the beach to the sea solitary library is the most famous landmark in Anaia, but this time, I want to go to the one-way space. Because the lonely library is the most famous, so many tourists go to this net red landmark to punch cards. I dont like the excitement. I naturally try not to go where these tourists are, and one-way space has become my first choice. Beijing's one-way street book is a cultural coordinate that I like very much. Since I opened it to Anaya last year, I have always paid attention to it. Today I finally pulled the grass. Ana's one-way space is opposite the seaside market, with an area of 550 square meters, and the interior design is designed by Japanese designer Aoyama. Everyone in Qingshan Zhouping is very familiar with it, and it is also the Japanese designer who is the favorite of Chinese people in recent years. It is said that his hometown is in a city close to the sea in Japan. Every time he goes home, he will go to the seaside half an hour away. He will watch the sea quietly, so he should also like the lonely library of Anaia. Let's go. One-way space also has this kind of loneliness. Maybe every soul that likes to read, I hope to have a space with myself. As soon as you enter the door, you will see this bookcase made up of desk calendars, as if you have set your time in front of your eyes. The overall color of the bookstore is black, and Aoyama Zhou Ping describes it as an independent and intimate box space. Indeed, its space is particularly rich and varied, and it has the meaning of separation in the garden. You read this book on the bookshelf, and the people outside the frame walked by, and the people at both ends did not affect each other, and they became each other's scenery. The founder of the squatter bookstore, Masato Masato, has published a book, "The Capital of Knowledge," he said. "In a society where people are connected by networks, people must be brought together into reality. The place in the place can only consciously introduce something that is absolutely not available on the Internet. It may be the wind, it may be light, and it may be the 'comfort' created by these. The same is true of the one-way space of Anaya. The change also makes the texture of the space constantly changing, both open and private, with a faint sense of independence. The books here are sorted by subject. In the rainy afternoon, I came to the Seaside Guide and felt the gentleness of the book, the book, and the daze, as if I forgot the passage of time.
Posted: Sep 12, 2019
Here is probably the most beautiful art museum! Beidaihe Anaya's UCCA dunes are an art museum hidden under the dunes, facing the open beach. The exhibition hall is made up of a series of cell-like continuous spaces like caves, very beautiful m 2019.9.22-2020.2 .23. The exhibition of True New Town Log of Dune Art Museum is derived from the True New Town in the Japanese classic animation The Elf Pokemon in the 1990s. It is both a place where humans and elves first met, and a dream. Where it is. Let us feel the unexpected beauty of the artist using technology to create a natural scene and create fantasy in the autumn seaside~
Posted: Sep 24, 2019
This is a pigeon nest in Beidaihe that nobody knows. The migratory birds are in groups and the scenery is pleasant. I dont know how many people have been here waiting for the dawn, and have experienced the visual feast of the Red Sun bathing sea. It is not so much a dove nest, it is better to say that it is a small nest of the soul, the vast sea takes away the messy thoughts, the sound of a wave of flowers lingers around the ear, let the ears get pregnant~ let the mind go empty~ let the whole person Have the courage to face life and face yourself.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018