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Badaling Great Wall

4.6/514,568 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural SiteHistorical Site
Low season (November 1st - March 31st of the following year) 7:30-18:00; High season (April 1st - October 31st) 6:30-19:00; July 1st - August 31st 6:00-19:30 (excluding Golden Week holiday)
Turn right at Exit 58 of Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Yanqing County, Beijing
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About Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall of Badaling in Yanqing, Beijing, is a pass for the Ming Great Wall. As the saying goes, "you are not a hero until you reach the Great Wall". Most locals take this spot to be the start of the ascent of the Great Wall. The Badaling Great Wall is the best-preserved and most complete section among the various great walls in Beijing. The total length of this sectionn is 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) with 43 watchtowers, however only 2.3 miles (3.74 kilometers) and 19 watchtowers have been restored and opened to visitors. Compared with other sections, most stairs are not very steep and they are equipped with handrails, so it is a relatively easier climb.

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  • 梦伊天使

    When I visited Qianmen Street that day, I happened to see the No. 1 Tourist Line, which can go directly to the Great Wall and the Thirteen Tombs. It was very convenient. When exit C of Qianmen Station of Metro Line 2 comes out, there will be a sign telling tourists which direction the special line is going. We first went to the Badaling Great Wall. The fare was 20 yuan. There was no interval between cars. One by one, we started at full capacity. There were a lot of tourists queuing to get on. So it was absolutely no problem to get full. We got on the bus before 8 o'clock that day, and departed at 04 o'clock. After climbing the Great Wall, we went to the Thirteen Tombs or took a special tour line to Changling. The fare was ten yuan. The departure time is eleven, twelve and thirteen. Then, after the completion of the Ming Tombs, they returned to the front door on a special tourist line for a fare of ten yuan. The through train departs at 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. in Changling. The departure time in Dingling is about 2:05, 3:05 and 4:05, because it's about 5 minutes from Changling. Very convenient. The through-train fare can only be charged in cash. First get on the bus, then buy the tickets. The Steward will come to sell the tickets on the bus. We went on the ropeway. The ropeway reached the sixth slope and then climbed two slopes to the Haohan slope on the eighth floor of the north. But I didn't know if I had taken the wrong route. I never saw the three words of Haohan slope. I also heard that we could climb 12 slopes. But why did I lose my way on the eighth slope? I thought I had climbed the wrong way. I went down to the ropeway station, took another road and climbed again. I went back to the eighth floor. For a ticket booked online, half-price tickets for the elderly and children can also be booked online, and then go to the ticketing hall (that is, the place where the cableway is lined up, just pick up the tickets directly).

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    Reviewed on 1508454971000
  • 淡定-平常心态

    Not to the Great Wall is not a good man, this does not really regret, I take the subway 10-way subway 8 to the Badaling Great Wall in S2 transfer, take a free pick-up train, arrive at the cable car ticket outlet, but did not listen to the guide's tricks, directly listen to the walk, the route north city from the first floor to the Eleventh floor, while taking pictures while admiring the scenery, it took about 3.5 hours, the North eighth floor is the highest point, but the North eighth floor is the highest point. The eleventh floor is very exciting, high and steep! It's a pity not to come to the end. If I climb the Great Wall for the first time, I'd better climb the whole journey and experience it. When I get back from climbing the Great Wall, I take bus 919 and hitch a 10 yuan ride to the Bird's Nest Water Cube. Then I go back to the Bird's Nest Water Cube.

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    Reviewed on 1494635893000
  • 源源

    Take Tourist Bus Line 1 at Qianmen, 20 yuan to Badaling parking lot. The key is the whole high speed, which should avoid traffic jams in Beijing. Tourist guides will introduce that the road will pass through Juyongguan Great Wall and Shuiguan Great Wall. We buy a cable car with tickets. Adults will pay 175 yuan. It only takes three minutes to reach the seventh floor of the north. The upper floor will reach the eighth floor of the north, which is very labor-saving, and the price is also appropriate. Listen to the driver and take their car, 10 yuan can go to 13 mausoleums to play, if the time is well arranged, one day is no problem. The return journey is the same as the departure journey.

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    Reviewed on 1516186845000
  • 风过无痕

    Take Line 2 and get off at Jishuitan, then go behind Gulou Street. Don't believe the black car on the way. Keep in mind. Then the bus No. 877 goes directly to the Badaling Great Wall. It is suggested to have a one-card card, because the card is six yuan and the ticket is twelve. The card can be returned. Go early, or the queue will last for a long time. To the Great Wall, it is suggested to start climbing from Nancheng, because there are ropeways and pulleys in Nancheng, and the north city is not built yet. It is very convenient to climb on a pulley if you don't want to walk down. Try to come back before 4:00 p.m. and maybe there will be no car after that. Go to the meeting early. It's very windy and the air is very good. Sometimes there are planes flying over the blue sky and white clouds. It's very good. There is also a ticket to get a good man certificate is a pit dad, where will take a photo, ask you if you want a large twenty dollars, do not give you a small, small money, certificate will ask you for five dollars, do not give certificates. Anyway, there's nothing free. In the end, you still need money.

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    Reviewed on 1470837894000
  • _WeCh****244377

    The day I put my foot on Great Wall of China my heart skipped beat. Because it was my dream to visit the wall when I was in China. It was a lovely and exciting moment. My boyfriend made my day super cool. I hugged him and say, "My love we made it" he smiled happily. Such a wonderful memory to treasure forever ❤️❤️❤️

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    Reviewed on 1559160484000
  • 孤独老兵

    The Great Wall will never fall, why, because many people can't fall. Standing on the Great Wall, I really feel the magnificence of the motherland's mountains and rivers. I also lament the power of feudal oppression of the ancient kings. In the ancient times without modern equipment, it only depended on human resources to build such a magnificent Great Wall on high mountains. I don't know how much human and material resources were spent, and how many unjust souls were buried under the Great Wall. It is suggested that we go to the city early or in cloudy days. It is too hot to bear the sun. It is suggested that we climb up the city and take a cable car. It is a pity that we did not take a picture of the stone inscribed by Chairman Mao. But I feel that as long as we get to the Great Wall, we should not buy him any food before waiting for the bus in the scenic area. It is expensive and tasteless.

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    Reviewed on 1471395339000
  • 鑫鑫star

    The first time I took a pulley, it felt good to go up to the fourth floor of the north and then climb. I went to the Great Wall just because I couldn't reach the Great Wall. It was really like this that I came to the Great Wall to know that the great masters who built the Great Wall were admired. They were amazing. They didn't have high-tech tools. They came to Beijing only by their hands and feet. They had to come to the Great Wall and take 877 to work on a bus for free. The explanation is very clear. Hey hey. Very careful.

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    Reviewed on 1498383053000
  • 杂志狂人

    The Badaling Great Wall is the essence of the Great Wall. It is unique in the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. This section of the Great Wall is a precipitous terrain, high-rise, is an important military pass in the Ming Dynasty and an important barrier to the capital of Beijing. Generally, tourists who come to Beijing will visit it. The Great Wall of Badaling is far from Beijing. It takes more than two hours to drive. If it is not self-driving, it is generally recommended to play with the group. This time, we also signed up for a tour group. Tickets for Badaling Great Wall are 40 in peak season, 35 in off season and half for children and the elderly. Because of the tight time with the group and the fact that climbing the Great Wall really takes a lot of physical energy, unless the physical strength is particularly good, tourists usually choose to ride on the ropeway. Cableway price one way: 60 yuan, round trip: 80 yuan, and children do not enjoy preferential treatment. Because our family took the entrance, we chose to take the cableway. Badaling Great Wall is famous for its magnificent landscape, perfect facilities and profound cultural and historical connotations. It is a world-famous tourist attraction. Therefore, there are many tourists. When they get off the cable car, they can see that the Great Wall is full of tourists, which can not be overstated by shoulder to shoulder. As far as we can see, beacon towers are built along winding peaks. Tourists are shocked by the magnificent view of the Great Wall. Some of the roads on the Great Wall are very inclined, and there are no steps. It is suggested that tourists should wear light shoes. Because of wearing a pair of sloping heels, I feel that it is difficult to walk a little behind. Badaling Great Wall has 43 enemy towers, similar in shape and different features. According to the guide, tourists can climb to the North eighth floor before gathering, and people with good physical strength can challenge them further. This time, the two children were very angry. They climbed up to the tenth floor together. Looking at the pictures they took back, there were few visitors upstream of the tenth floor. Only here can we see the shape of the Great Wall better.

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    Reviewed on 1516441612000
  • 攀登客户

    The Great Wall (where I've been dreaming about) sets out at 7:30 in the morning at Jianguomen, takes the subway to Xizhimen, takes the S207 train to Beijing North Railway Station, enters the station directly after the security check of one card. No card has to buy tickets for 6 yuan. It's lucky to mention that there are still seats in five minutes. Most of the people go to the Great Wall. Nine carriages are fully occupied. They arrive at Badaling Station in one and a half hours. Passing Zhan Tianyou's tomb and the "man" shaped railway can also see the winding Great Wall on the hill from the window along the way. Because it was very cold on December 19, and the mountains were covered with snow from the previous days. If you want to climb the Great Wall on foot, you should go directly to the ticket office for climbing the Great Wall. Because you have to walk back 400 meters by the shuttle bus, many shops along the way sell tourist souvenirs. Pin Oh, there are military overcoats in, gloves. Off-season ticket price is 35, without insurance. There are two Shenwei cannons at the entrance. They enter Nancheng and Beicheng forks. Because there are many people in the north, we decided to climb Nancheng, several ninety-degree staircases, climb soft legs, climb to the fourth floor of the south, calculate the time. After consideration, we return to climb Beicheng and stop all the way to the eighth floor of the north. At the top of the open area, I think the best time to climb the Great Wall is 10,000 positive adjectives. I don't think the different scenery in different seasons is comparable. Unless the Great Wall is not a good man, I drank a bottle of Harbin beer prepared in advance in the city. It feels great. The fourth floor of the north is the end of the tunnel, with toilets and toilets. Food in the restaurant includes steamed buns, tea eggs, instant noodles,.From 2:40 to Badaling Station, swipe the card and enter the station. As a result, the train leaves at 3:53. So we have to check the time in advance, arrange reasonably, sit and wait for 20 minutes, stand and wait for more than 20 minutes, unexpectedly without heating, shivering with cold. Finally, we waited for another 10 minutes beside the outdoor train tracks, and finally we waited for S287, so we climbed the Great Wall to test people. Physical endurance, cold resistance, because in the front row, so there is a seat, a pleasant journey through the capital city, once through people zigzag railway. Back to the North Railway Station at 5:20, tired, hungry and cold.

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    Reviewed on 1450683379000
  • 166****764

    We went by train S2 in the morning. We got there early. After getting off the bus, there is a free shuttle bus on the left side of the exit. You can leave when you are full. There is only one stop on the way, that is, hiking to the city. There is a ticket office on the right of the entrance to the city. Because we were not familiar with our first trip, we arrived at the terminal by bus, which is the location of the city by cableway. The enthusiastic staff told us to go to the Great Wall Museum to buy tickets and go to the city according to the sign. Everything went smoothly. First we climb four buildings in the south to the highest fourth floor in the south, and then eight buildings in the north to the eighth floor in the north. In short, the south building is high and dangerous, while the north building is flat and long. There are many people in the North building. There are 877 buses on the left for 800 meters until the Deshengmen Gate. You can walk as soon as you are full.

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    Reviewed on 1470647728000
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