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Capital Museum

4.7/5746 Reviews

Business Hours

09:00-17:00 (admission stopped at 16:00, closed on Monday)


No. 16, Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
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About Capital Museum

The Capital Museum is a good place to learn about the city of Beijing. The museum displays the 3,000-year history the city and more than 800-year history of Beijing as the capital. Many Beijing traditions and customs are also displayed here. The capital museum building itself is also very distinctive. Inside the building, there are delicate spots like sunken bamboo gardens and quaint Chinese arches. Cafes, restaurants, and bag deposits are also available inside.

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  • _WeCh****670230

    I went to the Capital Museum with my family in Beijing in winter vacation.The Capital Museum is located on the westward extension line of Chang'an Street, and its location is very convenient. There are plenty of parking spaces in the doorway and underground. If you don't drive by yourself, you can also take a taxi or take the subway to get out of trouble. The shape of the building is mainly composed of rectangular enclosure structure, elliptical facade and metal roof.The Capital Museum often changes theme.In the museum ,we saw the south to north water transfer project hall,copper coins ,exquisite clothing.I was very excited to see this museum.At last,we saw the second war in the world about China.Attending the exhibition hall,we believe that as long as chinese are united ,we can over come everything and win the respect of the world.By the end of 2015, the total floor area of the Capital Museum was 63,390 square meters, and the number of permanent exhibits was 5,622. The exhibition hall has five floors above ground and two floors below ground. It has been awarded as "National First-Class Museum", "National Science Popularization Education Base" and "Patriotism Education Base".I like this museum very much.It won't be the last time for me to visit it.

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    Reviewed on 1552145273000
  • E54****056

    A huge modern museum of Chinese arts and history with a free entrance (but need to book a place online on their website). Has one of the most wonderful and rich souvenir shops in Beijing.

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    Reviewed on 1565430117000
  • 杂志狂人

    Originally, there were too many people who wanted to go to the National Museum, so they came to the Capital Museum with their children. Generally speaking, state-built museums are free, and this one is no exception, but there may be too many tourists, or for security reasons, the museum needs to use identity cards to book tickets. The Museum has seven floors, five floors upstairs and two floors underground. The exhibits are mainly unearthed cultural relics in Beijing area, and there are other exhibits. Personally, I am deeply impressed by the exhibition of ancient Buddha statues. It is amazing that Buddha statues hundreds of thousands of years ago can be carved so delicately. There is also an exhibition of Peking Opera, which shows some Peking Opera masks and other exhibits. In addition, a Peking Opera stage is set up in the exhibition area to broadcast short films related to Peking Opera. Unexpectedly, my children enjoy watching it with great interest and have seen it several times. It seems that traditional culture can still be loved by everyone as long as its form is novel enough. There is a souvenir store on the first floor of the museum. It's interesting to sell some traditional Beijing toys such as Rabbit Master.

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    Reviewed on 1516194359000
  • 木子李

    1. Free but unavoidable tickets need to be booked before 12:00 on the same day. Just make an appointment for today's registration on the official website. 2. Recently, a beautiful China exhibition super value must go to this one day ahead of schedule. Fortunately, you can also meet the political reception level of the commentator. 3. Rent the commentator and ask for ID card. One card can be rented and sent back before 4:00 p.m. There are also free manual commentators at the front desk with headphones, but there are time rules to ask the front desk for 4 games. It is recommended to see the first floor movie first, then go to the right to see the 5th floor exhibition first, there are 2 to 3 exhibitions on the 1st floor, and then go to the left round exhibition area. There are 6 layers and 5 exhibitions which can be photographed. Take a SLR instead of flashing, just 6 air conditioners and WIFI network speed is very fast.

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    Reviewed on 1497406263000
  • 迷糊羔羊

    It's the first blog to be visited with sinister intentions. There is nothing else that will not come to the first blog, because the exhibits of the first blog are basically permanent exhibitions. Previously, Wo Hao's tomb dragged on and did not take a fancy to Hao Sang's heart. [Location] I came by a two-stop train from Junbo side of Century Temple. Is it along Chang'an Street? Traffic is more convenient, subway and bus are available. Ticketing is free. Online booking and on-site ticket collection can be said to be more convenient online booking. As a result, I didn't have any verification information at all. I said I had made an appointment and gave me a ticket. But it is estimated that if there are too many people, it will be faster to make an appointment for tickets. Probably. [Environment] The first blog is tall both in appearance and in the interior, and it will take at least half a day to read it for the first time. There are still plenty of underground rest areas, but it is said that fast food is very bad. No. [Exhibits] Compared with Guobobi, the first exhibition is really ordinary (5555 is not good yet). There are more permanent exhibitions. It seems that the Chinese History Exhibition Hall and the Beijing Culture Exhibition Hall have seen it many times (though they still haven't remembered anything.) And there are more contemporary works of art in Shoubo. When we arrived, there was the Eight Great Exhibitions in Yanjing, which talked about skills. The exhibits were exquisite, but they were all crafts. The contents of the exhibition itself were not as good as some of the exhibitions in Guobo. However, the brochures attached to the exhibition were very good. At that time, we thought that the results we wanted to buy were casual. It's also great to have a look around when you have something to do.

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    Reviewed on 1474719436000
  • 胡兰阿姨

    Metro to Mushu underground car is very close, there are special exhibitions need to be booked in advance. On the same day, you can only see exhibits outside the special exhibition. You need to bring your ID card. Museum supplies hot water. There are many collections. There are four floors, square buildings and round buildings. It takes more than three hours to finish the tour. It is worth visiting in winter, and the indoor is very warm! ______

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    Reviewed on 1481782422000
  • 云翳杳杳_

    The jigsaw puzzle of the Capital Museum compresses too many pictures. Unfortunately, many beautiful objects can not be uploaded. Tickets are free, but they need to be exchanged with relevant documents (such as ID cards, etc.). See the official website for more details.) But there are also written on the official website, such as those with primary and secondary school student cards or disabled soldiers over 60 years old, who can enter directly. Reservation-free "here, reservation-free means that special exhibitions can also be held without reservation for free without reservation" Reservation is mainly about reservations for special exhibitions currently on display "Tibet History and Culture Exhibition" In fact, there is no pre-admission qualification, or there is a long queue for security check (ps - "when we come out at 2:00 p.m., there is a long queue outside) Reservation and No. The difference between bookings is whether you can enter the "Tibet History and Culture Exhibition" which was launched around July this year. There are also Yan Liben's footprints on display (because you missed the explanation of QAQ, I don't know if this is true, but others say that the original copy of the Song Dynasty has been lost). When you look at the footprints, you have to queue because you see the footprints. Many museums have special drinking water and vending machines (snacks or drinks are usually both on each floor together and can be seen directly from the elevator) Every Cultural Relic Hall has a message book beside which there is a pen to write freely (but don't prank orz today to see some low-level interesting person saying that these exhibits are very low). I've traveled all over the place and got a lot of results "If you typed with your hands, please make up for it by yourself " Maybe that's all the other things that come to mind.

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    Reviewed on 1520675650000
  • 慧慧0866

    The Capital Museum is completely beyond my expectations. It has rich exhibits. It is free of charge and has professional explanations, including folk customs, culture, Buddhist statues, fine porcelain products and traditional Chinese quintessence. In this holiday, we have passed through the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Xi'an Museum, Luoyang Museum and Capital Museum. On the scale, it is not the largest, but the calendar. Shi is not the oldest, but in terms of interest and comprehensiveness. It's worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1472402706000
  • sui****_55

    Beijing Capital Museum is a comprehensive museum. Its original site is "Beijing Confucius Temple". Now it is 16 Fuxing Menwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. The total building area is 63390 square meters. It covers an area of 24.8 million square meters. It opens from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closes on Monday. Visit and check in free of charge. The Capital Museum is divided into three separate buildings, department, sentence pattern, oval special exhibition hall and strip office and scientific research building. There are 5622 cultural relics on display in the museum. The exhibition hall is mainly divided into Buddha Hall, Jade Hall, Ceramic Hall, Studio Hall and Town Hall Treasure. Now there is another exhibition hall with the theme "Walking into the Heart-Raising Hall". The exhibition hall is precious in the Palace Museum. Including the curtain during the period of listening to politics, the curtain.

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    Reviewed on 1481379982000
  • 佐川町黄庭坚

    The second stop is the Capital Museum, because we booked tickets online, took the order number to the next cabin to get the tickets, and soon entered. The first blog has been here several times, not tired of shopping, the security guard at the door is very strict. But one thing I don't like very much is why there are roast sausages in museums... The first blog exhibits are very complete, and I like the classification, that is, the terrain is too complex, divided into the South Tower and the North Building (or things, I can not remember), Ryan began to climb the elevator on the circle, the whole journey of the circle. We have reached a consensus that our favorite exhibition hall is China-foreign diplomatic gifts, there are really many gifts full of national and national characteristics, and each one has profound meaning, from big to small, rough to delicate, can reflect the country's wealth and the friendship between China and that country in that era (although geese are not our feelings of follow-up, we are with them). I heard it behind a group of grandfathers.

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    Reviewed on 1510668351000
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