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Guanfu Museum

4.8/5827 Reviews
Monday 9:00-16:00 (ticket sales stopped at 15:00), Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00 (ticket sales stopped at 16:00).
No. 18, Jinnan Road, Zhangwan Tomb, Dashanzi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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About Guanfu Museum

Guanfu Museum is a private art museum in Beijing, founded by Ma Weidu. Guanfu Museum has exhibitions featuring ceramics, furniture, handicrafts, traditional doors and windows and oil paintings. Among these, the ceramics and furniture exhibitions are highly recommended for visitors. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of ceramics representative of each dynastic era, as well as view many pieces of precious Ming- and Qing-era furniture. Throughout the year, Guanfu Museum holds all sorts of exhibitions and activities. Guanfu Museum also now has branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xiamen.

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  • 当地向导王都好

    Although the Guanfu Museum is located in a remote area, it is quite human, unlike those public museums, which are all kinds of inhumanity. The display of the exhibits is ingenious. For example, mirrors are placed under the pottery to facilitate viewers to see the features of different periods and kiln entrances. Furniture and doors, windows and halls are even more powerful, not separated by glass, but let the viewer into it. So there will be people who secretly sit up and take photos, who have strong knocks with their hands, and the inspectors are polite to dissuade and do not yell. From this point, we can see that the staff are not being yelled at at at work, so they do not yell at others. Meng Chong exhibition is a new exhibition, in which the display is so integrated into its environment, such as adding leaves and branches to the jade parrot, that is to say, setting up a home for it. Children will also get an extra brochure to look for these budding favorites according to Tusuoji, which shows how much attention they have spent on watching Fufu Cat in order to make children fall in love with museums. The oil painting hall is also worth seeing. All areas are reasonably designed without worrying about getting lost or seeing less. There are comfortable tables and chairs in the rest area of Guanfu Museum. Please note that there are tables, which are invisible in many museums. And hot water to drink. Toilet paper is also thick and of high quality. There are commemorative medals to cover, are atomic medals, very clear. Rest areas and souvenir sales areas are next to each other. Families who like shopping can have free WiFi while resting. There are many weapons on the wall and magazines to choose from. By 5 o'clock closing time, there was no rough coaxing, no rush, no rush to get off work. Everything made people feel that they were a person, a person worthy of being treated. Free guides are available at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. here. Friends can calculate the time. Guanfu Museum needs to buy tickets, but after calculating the wages, utilities and overall operating costs of these employees, it is good to find that Mr. Ma Weidu can maintain it. It can be said that Mr. Ma did not collect tickets to earn money, but really had great love. He hoped to share his collection with more friends, Chinese culture and the pure sharing of the ancients. This is really a very good private museum. I hope you can come and visit it again. It's absolutely worthwhile.

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    Reviewed on 1474115369000
  • 远行-遇见你

    Along the way, I did not see the road signs of Guanfu. I recalled a half-complaint and half-helpless blog written by Mr. Ma a few years ago. It was about how difficult it was to formally set up a road sign through official procedures, and the story of spending money "finding a relationship" made many restaurants around set up road signs. Mr. Ma is also well-known and knowledgeable, but in the face of interests, knowledge and courtesy are not as good as real gold and silver, and face is not as good as money. This reckoning took a look with a textual research mood, and found that the restaurant brands have disappeared. This is not an acceptable result. The Museum has five exhibition areas, "porcelain", "Ming and Qing furniture", "handicraft", "doors and windows" and "modern painting", hidden in a two-storey small building on the edge of the ordinary street. Compared with the magnificent large museum, the space is even a little narrow. Let's leave aside the wonderful exhibits. It's worth talking about just a few visits. For the protection of the collections, you can't take pictures with cameras, you can take pictures with mobile phones, but you must turn off the flash. Or I hope you can look at it for yourselves. There are fewer pictures here.

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    Reviewed on 1499186136000
  • 81-phantom-pain

    Strongly recommended! Knowing that Guanfu Museum is a TV program through Master Ma's Dudu, the idea of visiting the Museum arises from watching more Dudu. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to come to Beijing, but it was too far away from the central city. There was no subway or bus direct, so it has been delayed till now. Guanfu Museum is located outside the Fifth Ring Road in the direction of the airport. Although this location and area is not conducive to the central city, it is conducive to the self-driving of vehicles from Waifu, and there is no need to apply for Beijing Entry Certificate outside the Fifth Ring Road. This is probably the only location advantage of Guanfu Museum, because there is really no private car is more trouble. Tickets are 100 yuan per person, because museums are private and open. Positive price tickets can be purchased to select the form of tickets, while group tickets 80 is a unified form, when entering the museum entrance, there are tickets checked, and tickets are also made into bookmarks for tourists to commemorate. As soon as the Guanfu Museum enters, it is the most distinctive one. The area of watching Fufu cats is the symbol of watching Fufu cats. It is also an important part of watching Fufu cats in TV programs. At noon, cats lazy nap, special feeding room, it seems that the cats better food and accommodation conditions than people, Master Ma actually collected a number of cats is unknown, the number must be large. The Museum consists of two floors, one is furniture, collections and porcelain, the other is the art gallery and the exhibition hall of doors and windows. No order of visits according to their own preferences, you can visit any area, of course, we know that Ma Lao's main foundation is the collection of furniture above, so the furniture museum is a major play! However, it is also necessary to have research on furniture or be very interested in it. Otherwise, the most important thing is for laymen to watch busy and professional doorways. Porcelain galleries are more traditional, sorted by origin and age, which is more acceptable. The Art Gallery area is very abstract and needs to understand its style expression and characteristics. The whole exhibition area has free explanations. It should be one morning and one afternoon. There are many people listening to it. It seems that everyone has a pursuit of culture. There are many creative products in Guanfu Museum, and there are also lounges in the exhibition area, which can be said to be in place. And there are all kinds of creative products, from books to small collections. There are always one or two that can be seen. The tour lasted about 2 hours, but to be honest, it really needed some cultural attainments and historical knowledge, otherwise it would be busy. But the shock of experiential culture is everyone's right, so we recommend to have a look at it.

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    Reviewed on 1504002952000
  • _WeCh****909098

    Beijing South Railway Station Line 14 does not need to back up. The drop-by-drop express train (about 20 yuan) from the station arrives very smoothly (not as far as I imagined, haha, I am a little lazy). When I got to the gate, I saw the word Guanfu, which I had been coveting for a long time. I was so excited that I could not describe it. Every staff member is very good. You can't make out the name of the cat. You can see the roster. There are posters in the yard. Or you can ask the staff. Anyone who asks will tell you patiently. You can also tell you where the meow owner you want to see should be. It's very kind. After seeing the exhibition, I opened my eyes and went back to the yard to play with the cats and cats. Sitting in the yard, the autumn wind was gentle, and my heart was very comfortable, so as to cultivate my sentiment. Because I own cats at home, I feel it is not addictive to scratch them. I simply hold Wang Yousheng up. I immediately feel that the emotional quotient of the emotional saint is quite high, and I am fascinated by the opera genius. The cat learns to kill two birds with one stone and reads Mr. Ma's programs and books. I will go again in the future. I love Guanfu.

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    Reviewed on 1507293059000
  • 呵呵而后

    Guanfu Museum is the first private museum in China founded by Mr. Ma Weidu. There are exhibition halls such as home hall, door and window hall, oil painting hall, ceramics hall and so on. There are not as many national treasure-level cultural relics as provincial blogs, nor are they in series. There is no treasure in town halls. We bought many souvenirs from Guanfu Museum, cups, stickers for children and so on. The origin of the name of the library on the courtyard wall is "Tao Te Jing", "Everything is done, I will take a look at it.) The exhibition hall is well designed. Instead of putting one piece of furniture in the glass cabinet, the home hall exhibits like a model room. It feels very good. The Guanfu Museum has many cats, each with a name. Blue Maomao, Yang Jiagun, Yue Jiagun, Niu Devil King... Children still love it.

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    Reviewed on 1536126335000
  • 抓紧玩儿

    A one-day tour of Ma Ye's Beijing Guanfu Museum on September 13. Guanfu Museum has a ceramics museum, furniture museum, crafts museum, doors and windows Museum and oil painting museum. It has a rich and exquisite collection. The exhibition lays stress on the open form, the communication between people and history, and the affinity of traditional culture. More importantly, after viewing the collection, you can watch the cat. More than 30 Guanfu cats were found all over the cathouse and yard. They were gentle and friendly. It's fun.

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    Reviewed on 1507893061000
  • yolandach

    Many years ago, Mr. Ma said that he wanted to be a museum and had been paying attention to it since then. He also said that he wanted to go there for a long time. But he was too lazy to put it into practice. He finally took action one day before the Eleventh year. The Museum arrives as soon as it opens. With the museum pass, I first look at the cat for a while. Then I go into the museum and follow the lecturer slowly. The 90-minute lecture is very meticulous and has gained a lot of knowledge. Then I read the interesting story again. The ancient doors and windows on the second floor are my favorite. There are many stories on them. They can enjoy the exquisite doors and windows and find interesting ancient stories on them. They kill two birds with one stone.

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    Reviewed on 1507523387000
  • 高登老师

    1. Feeling that Mr. Ma Weidu's personal preferences directly lead to the museum's excellence in ceramics and furniture, which is also the focus of visitors'visits; 2. Free explanations are available at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and try not to miss them; 3. Six or seven exhibition halls upstairs and downstairs, when you look at them carefully, you will feel that the Museum is located in the suburbs for at least three hours; 4. The largest time after visiting. The feeling is that visitors can observe exhibits at close range, and many exhibits are not illuminated by glass. 5. Although many exhibits may not be considered as national treasures, Guanfu does try to tell you the knowledge and stories behind the exhibits. 6. Cats are generally not afraid of people, except the big star Yellow Gun Gun.

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    Reviewed on 1503160997000
  • 203****839

    We live in Wangfujing and call the Shenzhou special bus at 9 o'clock in the morning. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive. The door is absolutely thrifty. It's not a very obvious sign. It's just a simple stone at the entrance "Guanfu Museum", but it's a little bigger than the feeling of Shanghai. As soon as we entered the door, we found the legendary Guanfu cat's home. It was very comfortable and warm. Most importantly, the cats were very leisurely and comfortable. They enjoyed this warm home very much. Fortunately, we came across a fat cat walking out. We were not afraid of people. Let's touch it. It's not easy to say that Master Ma's collection is really good. It's not easy to praise him, protect his collection and inherit traditional culture and articles, and leave these treasures for future generations to enjoy. The most interesting thing is the seal inside the museum, which can be sealed and taken back for a souvenir. Many classical quotations are very practical, oh, I hope that the more we visit the museum, the better.

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    Reviewed on 1519396087000
  • 小Q

    The Guanfu Museum is a private museum of @Ma Weidu (Master Ma). In fact, the Guanfu Museum in Shanghai was officially opened in 2017. However, the Guanfu Museum in Beijing was the earliest, and there was also the Guanfu Cat House. I saw the process of designing and building cat houses on TV. I came to the capital and wanted to visit it with admiration. I have admired Master Ma for a long time, and I like his program very much. He founded the first private museum in China. Guanfu Museum ticket is 100 yuan, booked online one day in advance, 88 yuan. The Museum includes: Porcelain Hall, Furniture Hall, Craft Hall, Oil Painting Hall and Door and Window Hall. There are so many beautiful collections that the jigsaw puzzles can't be put in place.... The porcelain on display in the ceramics museum is in the Tang, Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of the furniture exhibited in the Furniture Museum are Huanghua pear and rosewood furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties. The oil painting exhibition hall displays the works of Chen Yifei, Yang Feiyun, Chen Yanning, Liu Wenjin, Luo Zhongli and more than 10 modern sculptures. Doors and Windows Exhibition Hall exhibits the ancient doors and windows, partitions, fences and other building components of the dwellings of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River Valley in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The fully open exhibition form and the idea of changing scenes make visitors feel like they are stepping into ancient buildings. After visiting the Guanfu Museum, come out of the courtyard to continue visiting the Guanfu Cat and interact with the Guanfu Cat. Guanfu Cat is a stray cat adopted by Master Ma in more than ten years. Under the initiative and promotion of Master Ma, 35 Guanfu cats, such as Yellow Gun Gun, Linen Strip, Blue Jade and Cloud, have become cat curators and cat librarians of Guanfu Museum. Master Ma also built two wooden houses for them. One was Guanfu Cat Office and the other was Guanfu Cat Villa. It has a great sense of design. One afternoon I spent a very pleasant time in the museum, enjoying my eyes and cats.

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    Reviewed on 1544354730000
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