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Happy Valley Beijing

4.6/59,207 Reviews
Theme Park
8:30-22:00, night opening time: 17:00-22:00.
Xiaowuji North Road, East Fourth Ring, Jinyu West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Southeast of Sifang Bridge)
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About Happy Valley Beijing

Beijing Happy Valley is located in Beijing's East Fourth Ring. It is one of the famous theme parks in Beijing. There are seven theme areas: the Firth Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, Shangri-La, Ant Kingdom, and Happy Hour. Beijing Happy Valley has more than 40 entertainment facilities, nearly 100 landscapes, performances, and theme games for visitors to thoroughly enjoy themselves. A visit to Beijing Happy Valley often lasts for more than half a day. There are restaurants in each of the theme areas in the area, and there are also shops selling drinks.

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  • 遇见

    It's worth going. It's especially convenient to take Metro Line 7 directly to the gate of Happy Valley. The group purchase can change tickets at the customer service center on the right. The group purchase cost more than 50 yuan. It's not a weekend holiday. There are not many people going there. The queue doesn't have to wait long. It feels good. Every few minutes is OK. The surfing feeling in the door is like a warm-up, but it's like taking an X chariot. No, it's scary, but after you finish playing, you feel much better. You're not so afraid. You love both the world and the male. It's very exciting. When you get to the top, the scenery is really good and the lights are bright. Not bad. It's worth going. It's just a little short time to play.

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    Reviewed on 1463677880000
  • E31****1902

    The Happy Vally Beijing is in the southeast of Beijing.You can take the subway and walk for a little time to get there.So the traffic is very convenient there.The price of the ticket is also cheap. There are great fun inside Happy Valley Beijing.There are a lot of equipments inside the park because the park is very big.The roller coaster is full of joy and the sun wheel is also exciting.s If you are hungry when visiting the park ,the ant restaurant will help you with a wonderful meal ,including tea ,coffee and juice.But it is expensive ,so I suggest you to buy some snack beside the path ,they are very delicious! After all,I suggest you to visit the Happy Vally Beijing ,it worth a lot.

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    Reviewed on 1552209943000
  • M22****3491

    Only played a few more stimulating projects, the effect is remarkable, release pressure, you had better go early, first play big projects, such as Fig. 1, I queued for nearly an hour, but it is worth it, crystal wing seems to be called this Ming, but also stimulate Fig. 2.3 hang upside down this outward, big pendulum is the sun god car 4.5.6, waiting time is also very long, when it is hot and stuffy inside, overall good.

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    Reviewed on 1495338942000
  • 夏末

    Baby play dizziness, can not play with stimulation, will vomit it!

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    Reviewed on 1463311218000
  • TIMMY022398

    Beijing happy valley can be regarded as the biggest playground in Beijing.It's so funny.

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    Reviewed on 1540125869000
  • JamesChenJin

    average services,not so good not too bad…… the queue is quite long and need wait 30 mins or above

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    Reviewed on 1471169639000
  • 玉菁

    Finally, after a busy period of time, I went to the place I've been thinking about since I stepped into Beijing. I'm still young and my childlike heart is still there. The extremely fast car with red-eyed track as soon as I came in, but this kind of thing stimulates me to see it and hear its roar when it rushes out. But you think it's the most exciting thing. You're wrong. The crystal divine wing flying roller coaster on the Yellow track is also very sour. Shuang, the white track snow area golden wing is as good as the most exciting Mars in Wuhu Fangte, that is to say, the Happy Valley hammer is so many. According to my discovery, there is a big pendulum (renamed as the Sun God Car), two small pendulums (one is called the deep-sea whirlpool and one is disKo), disKo is most impressed. He watches slowly sitting very sour and refreshing. When he dives, his stomach, spine and brain central nerves itch together. So the man in the sky closed his eyes and covered his ears and shouted, "Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. I'll never sit again." When it was over, I looked back at the next wave of people who went up. They opened their eyes, put their hands flat, and had a calm expression. I was not afraid of heights. I was just weak in heart and lungs. All amusement facilities, as long as they are not parallel to the direction of the body acceleration is significant, rotation or rotation angular speed is too high, I can sit. The flying ant battle team (Fang Te calls Apple Flying Chair, Shilin Gorge calls flying at high altitude), the surfer (this novelty) is very good to say, after three times playing the. X combat car, it is slightly abnormal, just look at it. The difference between Happy Valley and Fonter is that the performance of Happy Valley is very intensive. Extreme sports include foreign GG performances, riding, skating stunts, and group photos. Dance performances involve actors from all continents. As far as I can see, Middle East belly dancing, Latin American dancing, African barking, I don't know any dances. There are many quite eye-catching foreign mm dances. This time there are a lot of interesting not to play, some early, see you next time. Day tickets can be played until the evening without having to buy extra night tickets. The Aquarium is worth visiting. There are many projects - "The Flying Shark Team hovered for a long time and finally did not dare to go up, because there are handstands and the dive height is not small, I am not sure if I will faint; the hippocampus knight, dive fish relaxed, sat three times. Flying over the Aegean Sea is equivalent to the flying limit of Wuhu Fangte; the simulated roller coaster waits until it is exhausted, which is equivalent to Fangte's interstellar crossing, but more exciting, with the vibration and blowing of the seat. Lele Jump and Ocean Star (10 stories high), I don't know why people around me are so calm, I hold the front pole in one hand, hold the side pole in one hand, and press my bag with both feet. My body is balanced and my eyes are busy enjoying the scenery. The cockpit is so sloping that I'm afraid I'll roll down. Well, that's why only some peaceful projects have the chance to take pictures with mobile phones. Others have no pictures. Roll) Although they keep playing, they still miss a lot of scenic spots. Strategy - "Wear contact lenses (many items make you pick glasses, make me more dizzy), wear cotton, because the sweat is wet, wear pants (flying boat inconvenient skirt)!

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    Reviewed on 1498903273000
  • 大V大V

    Since the opening of the business, the third time to go! Transportation: Happy Valley scenic spot on Metro Line 7 is very convenient! There are super parking lots for self-driving, and people can do it themselves without worrying about the parking fee. Amusement: Half-price tickets for the last few days of the summer carnival. From 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., it's worth playing. The legs are no longer their own legs, but the two bear children really don't go. They have to play until the door closes. There are some traces of rain and wind in the park facilities, and there have been some updates in the past few years, but it is not important for the baby, just have fun. About half of the amusement facilities are not open in the morning, not to mention a few big signboard projects, because there are small treasures, so we repeatedly brush low-grade amusement facilities in the ant kingdom. Fortunately, there are not many people in the morning, about 11:30, and the big projects begin one after another (sun God car, jumper, crystal God wing, Trojan horse... It would be great if relatives could queue up at this time. If unfortunately they didn't catch up, don't worry. Almost all the major events have to be queued for about an hour or more, but it's worth it when you get to the clouds. (Tip: Don't just eat or eat too much to avoid vomiting out.) At the hottest noon, you can do Rapids Brave Forward (height requirement 1.2 or more, standing in line for 1.5 to 2 hours a year). The park will issue a one-time raincoat free of charge. It's still a fun classic project. There's a world of joy beside Rapids Rapids Brave Forward (similar to Hong Kong Di). Sney's Small World) It's very beautiful. Dabao and Xiaobao like it. They don't have to queue at all. It's very comfortable indoors. What's better is the fantasy ocean hall developed later, because indoor games are more concentrated, I personally like it, beautiful, and fun-proof! ___________ Food and beverage: In fact, the price is almost the same as the tourist attractions. There is nothing delicious or unsavory. Sanitation can only open one eye and close one eye. For example, KFC can be chosen by particularly critical relatives, and health will be guaranteed. Service: Most of them are OK, and they will interact with visitors in the amusement projects. Others: The park is very large. Wear comfortable shoes and pay attention to sunscreen. Others: Maya Natural Disaster and other performances are basically half an hour, five minutes, no comment here! Comprehensive evaluation: For young people, it is more fun, even for the elderly, the big baby (to be bold) can also, the baby or go to the Shijingshan amusement park bar ha

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    Reviewed on 1472793869000
  • 张温柔abby

    Very satisfied, the first time I went to Happy Valley in Beijing, I just started to play two roller coasters. That's a cool ride! Other projects are also very active to play, queuing is good, roller coaster queuing for a long time is also normal. I was very tired after playing in the afternoon. I had played all the things I wanted to play. I had a very happy and full day. I could also have a good sleep in the evening. Next time you have a chance, you'll go and play again

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    Reviewed on 1497625455000
  • 梅黛奥拉艾莎尼娅

    Happy Valley is the biggest playground in Beijing. Why should we go and see it? Happy Valley is on the southeast corner of Beijing. At that time, I lived in Sihui and took a bus to Happy Valley. When you enter the garden, you must buy rabbit ears or hair bands. The whole people are young, haha. We are Odyssey, super torrent daring forward, most hate the safety measures of a stick, when dive, buttocks are raised, frightened, do not know what to play that day, down when the water is comparable to makeup remover, super so that there is no residue. That roller coaster has been standing in line for half an hour, closing its eyes. It's too rubbish. We also made trains and coffee cups. Also went to the haunted house, there are performances, the clown also gave me a balloon, the night was intended to play but too tired, really good, but I guess I really dare not go. Don't miss the amusement facilities.

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    Reviewed on 1493642866000
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