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Tsinghua University

4.6/51,037 Reviews
SchoolHistorical Architecture

Business Hours

Tsinghua University is generally open all day, but during the summer vacation, holidays and school events, there will be restrictions on visiting or visitors will be prohibited from entering.


No. 30, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing
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About Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is China's most famous university. Built in 1911, its predecessor was called Tsinghua Xuetang. When the excess of the Boxer Indemnity was returned to China by the Americans, the money was used to build a school to prepare students who were going to studying abroad in the United States. Four famous scholars--Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, Chen Yinque and Zhao Yuanren--have all taught at Tsinghua University who are now called the "Four Tutors". The school is located on the site of Tsinghua Garden, a former imperial garden that is exquisitely beautiful. The western campus is the old campus, where the building arrangement is in an American style. The eastern campus was built in the 1950s in a Soviet style.

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  • Aran

    We went to Tsinghua on August 17. We found out a lot of people on the internet. So we didn't sleep in. When we arrived at the gate of the Western School, it was 8:10. There were already people in line, but not many. Someone asked me whether I rented a bicycle or not. I decided to rent two bicycles, 30 yuan for an unlimited time, and pay a deposit of 100 yuan for each one. The taxi renter took us to another school gate (like the Northwest gate). The child rode in directly. I was questioned by the security guard. After a few good words, the security guard was good and let me in. Because there is no queue at this gate, if there is a queue, it's probably useless to say good words. Remind everyone - "1. Be sure to go early. 2. It's better to rent a bicycle. It's too big. It's too tired to walk and visit. But if it's late, the bicycle won't be able to get in. When we came out, many people in Siemens, but they didn't let it go. If you think about it, you can only rent a car. The cost is not cheap. 3. If you enter from other school gates (not the West Gate), dress like a tourist security guard, don't ask, don't wear hats, carry bags, because I was questioned by the security guard, I saw a mother with her child walking in empty-handed smoothly, chat with her and know that she is also a tourist. 3. There are restaurants for eating out on campus. I would like to go to the student canteen, but because the second floor is outside, our bicycles can't be locked, so I choose a double meal of "Mr. Li" 59 yuan. The taste is also enough. So the best way to rent a bicycle is to let the car renter give you the lock. It's also convenient and sometimes you need to park to visit. 4. When we went there, it was 28 degrees overcast and not hot. If it was hot and there wasn't much water with us, ask me, there was a roadside shop near the football field where we could buy water. I really didn't see it anywhere else. But it's good to bring enough water. I don't think it's too heavy. I'll look inside for half a day. Campus is really beautiful, just when the freshmen report, looking up to the hegemonists all over the country, really happy.

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    Reviewed on 1471470174000
  • M26****71

    What I feel in Tsinghua University is the magnificence and magnificence of the motto of "Hood carries things to strive for self-improvement constantly". It is different from the campus environment of Peking University, cultural education, environmental education and Peking University are deep atmosphere, but each has its own merits. Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, Chen Yinke, Zhao Yuanren, Tsinghua Spirit and Southwest United University Spirit of Tsinghua University have been fascinated for more than 20 years. From now on, to Tsinghua University, we express our admiration for the generation of backbone masters with Chen Yinke's condolences for the commemoration of Wang Guowei's Memorial inscriptions. The enclosure is as follows: "After Wang Guowei sinks in Kunming Lake, the colleagues of the Institute of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University miss him very much. Two years later, a student set up a monument for him, asking Chen Yinke to write an inscription, so he wrote the famous "Monument of Mr. Wang Guantang of Tsinghua University". The scholar's study and study will free his mind from the shackles of the common sense, and the truth will be carried forward. Thought is not free, rather die. The essence of the sacred place of benevolence in ancient times and in modern times is not to be despicable. Mr. A's willingness to see his independence and freedom at the end of his life is not related to one's grievances or the rise and fall of his family name. Woo. Shuzishi in the lecture hall, is mournful but not forgotten. The curious festival of the philosopher tells the truth. The unknowns of the afterlife, the writings of the gentleman, sometimes without chapters. Sir's doctrine is sometimes negotiable. Only the spirit of independence, the thought of freedom, through tens of millions of sacrifices, and the world for the same time, a total of three lights and eternal light. On June 2, 1927, Wang Guowei, a research tutor at the Institute of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University, sank in Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace. Chen Yinke, another great historian in modern times, wrote an elegy praising that ""the way he died and the benevolence he achieved are the commonality of abstract ideals, not one thing of concrete persons. " Wang Guowei was born in 1877 with the word Jing'an. In his later years, Wang Guowei was also known as Guantang, a native of Haining, Zhejiang Province. His life is generally brief, just like his own self-cloud - "self-philosopher', his life acts almost as few as special reporters. " Over the past 50 years, it can be divided into several stages: working in newspapers, studying in Japan, lecturing in scientific research, going to Japan again, and being recalled. Wang Guowei's rich thoughts are rooted in the academic foundation of his dual studies of literature and science and the consideration of both Chinese and Western cultures. In 1900, he was financed by Luo Zhenyu to study at Tokyo Physics School in Japan, broadening his horizons. During his return to Japan, he made a deep study of Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and other Western philosophers. At that time, the "Commentary on the Dream of Red Mansions" published by him was a pioneering work of explaining classical works with Western theory, which had profound significance. Later, "Words on the Earth" is also a representative theoretical work which transfers the criticism atmosphere of Ci.

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    Reviewed on 1516845689000
  • 天外飞仙

    Tsinghua University is China's Harvard, China's top university. Whether you take your children to visit Tsinghua, inspire them to rush to famous schools, revisit their dreams on campus, or satisfy their curiosity about elite education, those who come to Beijing should set it as an indispensable stop! But Tsinghua covers more than 6,000 acres, so you have to be prepared to go to Tsinghua! Travel to Tsinghua is free, and the results are absolutely satisfactory to you. Remember to enter through the main entrance, that is, the Southeast entrance. One of the strange things about Tsinghua is that people have different opinions about the gate of Tsinghua: the southeast gate of Tsinghua itself is said to be the South Gate by all taxi drivers, while the east gate of Tsinghua's school is called the Northeast gate by people in society. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, when traveling to Tsinghua, it is strongly recommended to go through the main entrance, not to mention those southeast and northwest entrances, because it is not only confusing, but also often inexplicable. In a word, it's right to get to the main entrance. In late autumn, Tsinghua is the most beautiful! Mainly, the ginkgo trees on campus are covered with bright golden yellow, and other leaves have also undergone a gradual change of color. The whole campus is full of beautiful trees. What I like most is the dining hall in Tsinghua. It is said that there are 19 dining halls. I was lucky to have dinner in one of the cafeterias. It's only 15 yuan per dining hall. There are so many things that you can't finish eating beans. Perhaps this is the welfare of the country for these elites? In front of the gymnasium, there is a line hanging high: 50 years of working for the health of the motherland! It is said that it was written by the former principal. Indeed, the state spends a lot of money to cultivate the elite. The state needs the elite to give back to the society after they have learned. As the parents of the elite, they do not want the children to maintain a healthy body and mind under the heavy learning tasks. Wandering in Tsinghua Garden, you can not think of anything, you can also expand the wings of imagination, because even if you do a daydream on Tsinghua campus, it will certainly be a very beautiful and beautiful dream experience.

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    Reviewed on 1446681839000
  • 乐毅

    Bring your children to Tsinghua University for talent. They only open on weekends and close at lunchtime. It's very convenient to get to Yuanmingyuan Station by subway. There are many cattle in front of the gate. There's no need to spend this money. Campus is relatively large. It takes an afternoon to go around the whole campus. Restored buildings have a literary and artistic flavor, and many local schools have brought students to organize visits. Autumn and winter go, a gust of wind comes, golden ginkgo leaves and red leaves fall, full of mood, love!

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    Reviewed on 1480656945000
  • 皇脚丫儿

    Tsinghua University, between the North Fourth Ring and the North Fifth Ring in Haidian District. Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station. It's about 500 meters'walk. I know there are two gates, one of which is not open to the outside world, that is, students can enter the campus with their student certificates, that is, the gate location of the school. The other is the entrance to visit, which is very close to the entrance of Yuanmingyuan. There are many people queuing in the campus, and there is basically no queue jumping phenomenon. The atmosphere of the school is very good and there are many visitors. The scenery is also beautiful, lotus leaves floating in the water, there are many paintings, wearing Chinese clothes, reading, making friends and so on. When we asked the way, we found that students are of high quality, polite, beautiful and temperamental girls, boys are also handsome, hey. Tsinghua Road, this brand, took a picture, feeling that every place in Tsinghua is very special, maybe I have a kind of admiration for it. There's also a guide map. It's a large area. I'm sure I won't see the whole school. I can only see a part of it. It's enough to feel the atmosphere of the campus. A small wish was fulfilled. I hope I can come back to this place next time.

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    Reviewed on 1528449966000
  • 中耀

    Tsinghua University, founded in 1911, is the most famous university in China and a model of all Chinese universities. Many people will come here to look at the top universities. Tsinghua Campus used to be a royal garden. The pavilions, pavilions and pavilions are in contrast to lakes, lakes and forests. The environment is very beautiful. Most of the buildings in the garden are both Chinese and Western, which is noble and elegant. The main landscape of Tsinghua University is located near Ximen, but in recent years, in order to ensure the order of students'learning on campus, access control has been carried out near Ximen. Visitors entering from the West Gate need to queue up and register with their ID cards according to the opening time, and then enter. In addition to the West Gate, the East Gate, the North Gate and other school gates are generally open all day. Individual visitors can enter at any time. They can also visit the whole campus from the East Gate and the North Gate, but they need to walk about 1.5 kilometers to reach the landscape area near the West Gate. Moreover, this opening is not officially agreed, and there will also be inaccessibility when the supervision is stricter. Only visit the main landscape of the West Gate and then leave from the West Gate. It only takes about 2 kilometers to walk and take a look for 1 hour. Tsinghua's entire campus is large, about two kilometers long and wide, and it takes about three hours or more to visit other parts of the campus. The main scenic spots on Tsinghua campus are near Spring Garden, Shuimu Tsinghua, auditorium, Tsinghua School, Second School Gate, etc. They can be visited clockwise from the West gate. Near Spring Garden is the center of the original Royal Garden, with lakes, pavilions and lush trees, and a quiet environment. The lake is full of lotus flowers, which blossom every summer and are very beautiful. This lotus pond is also described in Zhu Ziqing's "Moonlight of the lotus pond", so you can have a good look at it. Shuimu Tsinghua, Grand Auditorium and Tsinghua School are the three most famous buildings in Tsinghua Garden. Shuimu Tsinghua, built near the lake, is an ancient Chinese architecture. The building of the auditorium is a Western-style red wall with a dome. There is a large lawn beside the auditorium. The combination of the lawn and the auditorium is also one of the representatives of the image of Tsinghua. Tsinghua School is a unique two-storey building. It is the first batch of school buildings of Tsinghua University. It has gray walls, white pillars, a combination of Chinese and Western, and its architecture is very elegant. The second school gate is located in the south of Tsinghua School. The photograph of this milky round arch school gate is widely circulated. It is the most famous scenic spot in Tsinghua and the representative image of Tsinghua. Most tourists will take photos here to commemorate it. To the east of these main scenic spots are the main teaching areas, research institutes and living areas of Tsinghua. If you are interested, you can visit them and feel the academic atmosphere of the highest universities. However, you should pay attention not to disturb students'life and learning. Campus is larger, and some people provide bicycle rental services in the school, generally about 10-20 yuan per hour, need to deposit a certain deposit or deposit ID card. However, these services are privately offered, not officially provided formal services, not recommended.

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    Reviewed on 1520219995000
  • 玩嗨了

    To visit Tsinghua University, we must mention the Art Museum of Tsinghua University. That's really great! Tickets are 20 yuan. Museum building design is very beautiful, and the interior is not inferior. The collection is rich and exquisite. No worse than provincial museums. It should be said that it is one of the necessary items to visit Tsinghua University. It is worth visiting by people of all levels and ages. Very interesting, no matter interesting, knowledge has a great harvest. And the museum itself is an exquisite design work of art. Photography is not restricted in the library.

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    Reviewed on 1516021800000
  • micqq

    Before the trip, online teaching was difficult to access the West Gate, decisively entering from the South Gate, and as expected, it was unimpeded. Bypass the main entrance and office building, teach one. Turning to Tsinghua Road, the Ginkgo biloba is brilliant in front of the second school gate. Desser went out from the West Gate. A group of people wanted to visit the school with the security guard. However, the security guard pointed solemnly to the side of the regulations - "School is a place of study and work, not a tourist attraction, and refused to visit.". My heart is bright - "Why don't you ask me when you go out to prepare for class? But you keep a low profile and leave in a hurry while you are having fun secretly.

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    Reviewed on 1446132034000
  • M94****39

    To enter Tsinghua, we should also strive for intelligence quotient. There are a lot of people waiting in line in the West gate, and a lot of tourists are blocked outside the East gate. It is unexpectedly unimpeded to enter from the East gate. (ps: No one knows how to ride bicycles or electric bicycles.) It is the highest University in our country. The environment is really good. The ancient buildings are located in the Royal gardens. They are simple and elegant.

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    Reviewed on 1469978051000
  • 拽拽丽

    Last time I went to Tsinghua University, I went to the local halfway, saying that I had closed the school and refused to let in. There was a woman of more than 30 who said she could take me in for 20 yuan. Is it clear that it is free? I don't think I can give her the money. It's abusive. The west gate of Tsinghua University is about 600 meters south, which is the east gate of Peking University. I went to Peking University. At 8:40 in the west gate of Tsinghua University, the entrance was not opened. During the two sessions, the school was closed again? I thought about it and decided to take the staff passage. Without looking sideways, I stepped into the campus smoothly. Yeah!

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    Reviewed on 1521015739000
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