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Things To Do in Beizhen

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雪都边哥Qingyan Temple is located in Changxingdian Town, Beizhen City, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, at the southern end of Mt. Wuji, covering an area of 13 square kilometers. The Temple was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty and flourished in the Middle Tang Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,500 years, with incense and fire spreading and continuous throughout the day. *** 86 was approved as a place of religious activities by the province ***, here is a famous scenic spot integrating religion and tourism, the natural scenery and the human landscape intersect, "Eight Views 12 Wonderful" viewing magnificent. Qingyan Temple divided into the upper courtyard, the middle courtyard, the lower courtyard, the Wenshuyuan, the Empress Temple, the pharmacist Temple, Caishen Temple, Shengshuiyuan, Guanyin Temple, the most famous "*** old mother" worshiped by the upper house. Overall, great,
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Historical Site
妮妮妙药When I bought the ticket, there was no child ticket, it said that it was one meter to three, but my child was one meter to three and then bought the adult ticket. Including the glass path is also very expensive. Forty-one tickets are not displayed at all, so I need to go to the door to buy the tickets online. One is security measures. It's too dangerous to walk up the mountain, the signs are all red paint on the wall, and ask yourself how to go.
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Hot Springs Resort
M60***44Neat and clean, the scenery is also good, can meet a variety of needs, you can relax, inhale oxygen, stay and eat wild vegetables, take hot springs, climb mountains, and worship Buddha. It is not very tired. There is also a zoo, which is worth visiting.
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M46***69I went on the Qingming Festival. There are too many people. I feel that this mountain is enough. I can't climb it any higher. The slide is very interesting, but it is charged for another fee.
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hcgdmx88 Shuangfeng Temple is located in Beizhen City, Jinzhou. It is surrounded by mountains and has pleasant scenery. Passing the famous Lihua Avenue, Shuangfeng Mountain is high and dangerous. It is more suitable for professional travellers. It is not recommended for children. For safety, it takes about a tour of the entire mountain and temple. All day, food and water are available, and the physical exertion is high. If you want to challenge, it is worth going.
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Taoist Temple
PrincessttThe mountains in this forest park don't seem to be high, but it actually took a while to walk. There are more and more mature tourist attractions in Jinzhou, and many of them are natural landscapes.

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Xiushui ParkJinzhou,China

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Qingyan TempleJinzhou,China

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Qianjiazhai Sceneic AreaJinzhou,China

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Daluhua Yunyansi Scenic AreaJinzhou,China

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Chongxingsi Twin TowerJinzhou,China

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Dachaoyang Hot SpringJinzhou,China

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Beizhen City is on the eastern edge of western Liaoning. It has a long history and many ancient sites, as well as a superior environment and conditions for tourism. The Drum Tower of Beizhen is located in the center of urban Beizhen and has been valuable in research on the architectural structure and form of Ming-era (1368-1644) bell and drum towers. The Chongxing Temple Twin Towers were listed for provincial preservation in 1963, and the Yiwulushan Scenic Area has been called the “First Among Famous Mountains in the Northeast.”

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Here are the best places to visit in Beizhen, including: Qingyan Temple,Yiwulü Mountain,Dachaoyang Hot Spring
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