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Mid-lake Island, Dingxiang LakeNearby City

Mid-lake Island, Dingxiang Lake

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"Shenyang Lilac Lake Park is the largest artificial lake in Shenyang, located in yingshou village, Yuhong District, northwest of Shenyang City. Once a muddy place, it has been a great place to relax and relax in the days of great effort. The view into lilac lake, the wide clear water is endless, and more than 50 meters from the lake, you can feel the cool wind. Today, the depth of the Lilac Lake is about 2.5 meters. In fact, there was very little water here before. Many places exposed the beach. For the storage of water, the water was transferred from Dahuofang Reservoir in 2005. The total water was 2.5 million cubic meters. In the hot summer, the Lilac Lake has a wide surface and a good quality of water. Behind the poetic name Lilac Lake, a popular place for residents to walk and camp, is a story that spans 300 years. Legend has it that in the 8th year of Shunzhi, 1651, a fallen nobleman of the Qing Dynasty moved from his hometown of Huangxian County in Shandong Province to the northwest of Shengjing City, near Lilac Lake, the origin of which had an indissoluble connection with the family's migration. From then on, the village, which is mainly composed of two families, was extended to the name of cho-line. Until the beginning of the Republic of China, a village named Xu Henian, the name of cho-line was changed to lilac cho. In the centuries since then, few people have known the clove-sweet area, which was once the ancient riverway of the "hunhe" by the mother river of Shenyang. A little walk west along the "Lilac Lake Road" to the lake. In addition, the north, south and west of the lake are all motor-driven, so self-driving tour can choose to close to their own location. Bus 136 can reach the southeast corner of the lake, branch 268 and 293 can reach the northeast corner of the lake, and subway 10 is opened in 2020."