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Guanshan Lake

Guanshan Lake

4.4/5263 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Benxi Can't Miss Attractions
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"The fourth stop of the self-driving tour #2 Guanshan Lake Scenic Area 10.14 Arrived here at the last stop today. It is not Guanshan Forest Park. It should be almost the same as the area of Guanshan Lake. First of all, it is recommended to go to the karst cave and then go back to take the cable car to the top and walk down. Don't look like I came out of the cave and went all the way to the top. The slope is also quite big. The curve is too old. I feel that I can't go to the end all the time. But I can't leave halfway. After all, I want to go up and see, I insist on going up, and then there is nothing, there is a high swing and then I walk down the bottom. I can't hurt the board. For four days in a row, walking and climbing mountains or steep slopes, I can't stand the legs. There is no massage place. Then I say that many things are suspended and not operated. It is recommended to buy only sightseeing tickets, not package tickets. Because the bamboo pole inside you can't do, because there is no, then the glass rafting pause, weia is not, there is no zipline. I went to the top actually want to do zipline, see only steel rope, no seat, the original is still building, should be early hinted out. Then I went down and there is no bamboo pole, so the money for the group ticket is white. Anyway, that is it. You look at the picture for the rest of you. I want to go and see outside the province, and it is estimated that the province is almost done!"