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Zhonghua TempleNearby City

Zhonghua Temple

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Open from 9:00am-3:30pm (Local time)
"The Northern Kingdom of Yanliao has a long history. In the southwest of Shenyang, there has been a mountain range since ancient times called Lingshan. The hills of this mountain are like dragons and are undulating and beautiful. Flowers and plants are everywhere and trees are prosperous, and birds and beasts can be seen everywhere in the mountains. When the ancient times began, people from the ancient times thrived and thrived at the foot of the Lingshan Mountain, using materials to prey on spring ploughing and autumn harvest. There are two dragons in Lingshan who have practiced here for thousands of years. They are very efficacious and protect the people to live and work in peace and contentment. They often appear to resolve disasters and protect sentient beings. Therefore, people regard this mountain as the spiritual mountain.   In the early years of Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong Li Shimin inherited the throne. Emperor Taizong believed in Buddhism, so Buddhism in the Central Plains flourished during the Tang Dynasty, and temples were built everywhere in the world, and Buddhism was a prosperous phenomenon. However, there was not a large temple in the Northeast at that time. This became Li Shimin's heart disease, which was often attached to his heart. At that time, His Royal Highness Babao had many wise ministers and good generals assisting Li Shimin, such as Wei Zheng, general Wei Chigong and others. Wei Zheng is a talented person who is not only proficient in political affairs, but also a deep understanding of Yishu, as well as astronomy and geography. One night, Wei Zheng stood in the courtyard and looked up at the sky. Suddenly, he saw a star in the northeast that was very bright and special. Wei Zheng concluded that there must be a place for magical powers.   In the early morning of the next day, I hurriedly told Li Shimin the statue of the Northern Star Fighter I saw last night, and asked the emperor to say that there must be a beautiful and auspicious place in the northeast, which should be used by the Tang Dynasty. Taizong had long had the idea of living in a monastery in the north. Now that Wei Zheng said that there is a beautiful place in the north, Longyan Dayue, he immediately ordered General Wei Chigong to go to the northeast to inspect and find.  Weichigong was ordered to lead a team of famous Feng Shui masters, monks and warlocks, and soldiers and horses to the northeast. After passing Shanhaiguan, Wei Zheng went to inspect every mountain and saw the mountain. But after more than three months, he has seen countless mountains and rivers, but he has never seen a beautiful place.   One day in the afternoon, the brigade came to a place, and the originally clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds. Yuchi respectfully saw that the heavy rain was approaching, and hurriedly passed the order to camp and set up the house. As the soldiers were in a hurry, strong winds and thunder and lightning poured down heavily. At this time, I saw two lightning bolts from top to bottom in the sky, going up and down, like two fire dragons flying across the sky, ascending time wins the day, followed by two thunders. Everyone was in astonishment, and saw two white dragons leaping out of the billowing clouds, whizzing out one after the other, leaping up and dancing, and headed straight for a mountain in the distance, and disappeared instantly. Yu Chigong and others were all stunned by the sky in front of them, and it took a long time to react, and they knelt down hurriedly, shouting for the appearance of the dragon.   With this vision, Wei Chi Gong did not dare to neglect, so he hurriedly searched for the local non-commissioned officers and people, and asked where and where the two dragons landed. The local people replied that there is a spiritual mountain ten miles ahead, and two of them have been practicing for more than a thousand years, which is very effective. What is even more peculiar is that this two dragon has a Chinese character on the head of the male dragon, and a Chinese character on the head of the female dragon, hence the name China Second Dragon, which is responsible for the affairs of wealth and safety, and is also called the Second Immortal of China. After hearing this, Yu Chigong was shocked and turned to overjoy. He really had nowhere to look for him after breaking through his iron shoes. Erlong appeared as a god. I was ordered to search for the mountain for March, but it is impossible that the second immortal deliberately tested whether my waiting was sincere. Don't say much, hurry up and head to Lingshan, no matter how hard you have to rest.   Coming to the front of Lingshan, Yu Chigong really saw the beauty of Lingshan and its clear context."