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Husedalen ValleyNearby City

Husedalen Valley

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"Hidden in Norway's most beautiful hiking place-Hinsavík, Norway. A week after arriving in Norway, I suddenly wanted to go hiking. After doing a good strategy, the four of us set out for Hinsavík. The land is Husedalen Valley. Niche scenic spots are highly recommended. The valley is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and plains, with faint emeralds glowing in the waves. There were not many tourists who went there that day. There were only a few Chinese faces. We all carried big schoolbags. It was a bit like living outdoors. There is a hiking trail next to the valley. This is the starting point of our trip. For self-driving tours, you can park your car next to the power plant. Parking is free. There are four waterfalls in the valley. You can see the first waterfall next to the power plant. The water is clear and not very violent. Some are whitish and the air is fresh, probably because the surroundings are densely forested. Follow the signs next to the road and go up and cross a stone path. The second waterfall unfolds in front of you. The more you go up, the slope gets higher and higher, but the waterfall is getting better and better. A huge stream of water passes through the layers of rocks and flows down from a high place. Under the refraction of the sun, a rainbow is formed. It is very beautiful. Listening to the sound of water and wind, although I am tired, I am very satisfied because of a teammate. He was injured, so he didn't continue to move up. After a short break, he went back the same way. Reminders: 1. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes for easy walking 2. Some paths are slippery, pay attention to safety"