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Things To Do in Bijie

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Leo - Libra on Holidayamazing place to visit. stunning and unique scenery inside the massive cave. it takes almost 2 hrs to finish.
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Nature Reserve
山茶叶蛋糕Baili azalea scenic spot is located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, is a national forest park, 5A level scenic spot, is known as "the largest natural garden in the world", "the earth color belt, the world garden", every March and April is the flowering period of azalea, when the world of this flower, the sea of flowers, Seeing the mountains everywhere, thousands of postures, paving mountains, colorful azaleas blooming, all were thoroughly shocked!
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滇国剑客The scenery of Zhijin County is beautiful, because the Dong is so famous, so also make the name of Zhijin world famous, such as the Great Canyon of Zhijin is also in this kind of scenery radiation is also excellent, of course, the excellent scenery is too beautiful.
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yylatpkuWell worth visiting the attractions, I am self-driving tour, from Guiyang to the scenic parking lot about an hour and a half, from Guihuai Expressway Xinren Station to get off the high speed, it takes about half an hour to walk the mountain road, the road conditions are very good, the car can be easily arrived. Parking is very convenient, there is a parking lot, the village committee also has a parking lot, but the peak season may be traffic jams, you have to start early. This is the intersection of the Sancha River and the Liuchong River, the two main sources of Wujiang River, from here, become the main stream of Wujiang River, to Zunyi Wujiangdu Hydropower Station this section is called the Yachi River. After the construction of Dongfeng hydropower station, formed Dongfeng reservoir, the water surface is wide, can take a boat. Hua Eoding Village has a wharf, can take a boat, 50 yuan can be from Hua Eoding Village to the Yachi River Bridge and return, the journey is one hour, is still worth it. In the village of Huawuji can also directly take boat to Zhijindong pier, you can play Wujiang direct area Zhijindong.
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滇国剑客The world is large, the scenery is varied, all wonders, like the mountain of Ando, the county on the Tibetan Plateau, with many wild oysters that have experienced many winds and rains. There are many natural spinach flowers in Assilisi.
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Ancient Settlement
精光葫芦娃"Guizhou Xuanwei Fu" is the Guizhou Xuanwei Sheng Emerald and She Xiang and their descendants, that is, the successive Guizhou Xuanwei Sheng to deal with government affairs. In the early Ming Dynasty, the outstanding Yi women statesman, Mrs. Shexiang, took the Guizhou Xuanweifu as the consul's residence, cultivated, repaired the Jiu-Yuan, Nahan Confucianism, Xing-Han studies, and helped the overall situation, built harmony and An-Bian Yi, and made great achievements in strengthening national unity, maintaining the prosperity and stability of the motherland and the Shui-Xi region. Hon. On November 10, 2011, 30 episodes of the TV drama "Madam Shexiang" were broadcast on the Golden Film of CCTV's General Channel in Xuanwei Fu, Guizhou, Dafang County, Guizhou Province.

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Shexiang MuseumBijie,China

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Aojia Tomb Stone CarvingBijie,China

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Jinsha Hot Springs Holiday CenterBijie,China

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Muege Old TownBijie,China

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Keteleeria RiverBijie,China

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Lake Zhiga AluBijie,China

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About Bijie

Bijie is located in Northwestern Guizhou. Bijie is famous for its charming scenery. It is praised for being the place of “Dongtian Lake, the hometown of flowers and birds and a paradise for escaping the summer heat." Bijie has a rich history and culture including having been a revolutionary capital of three provinces and a great revolutionary base south of the Yangtze River. Famous scenic spots include the Fifty Kilometers of Rhododendron, the Zhijin Cave, Caohai, Qicai Plains, Lengshui River and Guizhou Xuanweifu.

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Here are the best places to visit in Bijie, including: Zhijin Cave,Baili Dujuan (“Hundred Miles of Rhododendrons”) Scenic Area,Zhijin Grand Crayon
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