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Recommended for travel in July and August | These places are both summer and fun!

July and August is the season when most people want to go out to play but are afraid of heat. In fact, there are many places at home and abroad that are both fun and summer-proof. Today, I will share with you some suitable destinations for travel in July and August. Ground.

I have just been to the place where I came back. The scenery is really beautiful. In the words of the guide, the most beautiful spot in Bali is not the worst point here. It is really like this. There are many islands here and the ecological environment is very good. There are beautiful mountain views and magnificent underwater world.
Highlights: pink beach and Komodo dragon, the pink beach here is really visible to the naked eye ~
Padar Island, climbed to the top of the mountain is really amazing (Figure 1)
/ Hh/Lombok
Close to the small islands of Bali, you can take a leisurely vacation or go hiking, surrounded by many quiet and beautiful outer islands, so you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of contracting an island.
Highlights: small crowd, tourists are really few, this feeling is really enjoy ~
Lombok is one of the most lively outlying islands, Gili t island, you can feel here no motor vehicle only carriage A leisurely holiday for bicycles.
The second tallest Linjani volcano in Indonesia, suitable for small hikers who like to hike ~
Although it is near the equator, it is really! Cool! Its much cooler than Xian, and its even cold and cold in the morning and evening~

This should be the destination that everyone wants to go once, the blue sea lake, The sky is in the middle of the tea card salt lake, the magnificent Qilian Mountain, thinking about it has been very yearning.
Highlights: , as long as anyone who has seen the photos here can not refuse it, go!
The Qinghai Lake and the door source filled with rapeseed, the delicate flowers will have such a magnificent scene.
The plateau really wants to be much cooler, but you must remember the sunscreen!

To see the vast prairie, see the green of the mountains and the mountains, see the flocks of cattle and sheep, and watch the reindeer in the fairy tale, which is the most desirable thing in the summer.
Hulunbeier's summer is really beautiful like a fairy tale, the blue sky is not like the words, the vast soft clouds, no matter who is immersed in such beautiful scenery.
Highlights: The Molgler River, the meandering river in the grasslands, the unique blue waves of tenderness.
Hulunbeier In addition to the grassland, there are Mammoth Parks, imitation Russian architecture, and the Waiwa Square and other exotic places can be played together.

Shuangshang Guizhou is a summer resort. It has both natural and human landscapes, both for summer and beauty.
Highlights: The magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall and Xiaojiabiyu's small seven holes are a good place to enjoy the water.
There is a beautiful cave in Guizhou: Zhijindong, which is full of colorful lights and colorful, which makes people wonder about nature. The point is that it is still very cool inside.
There are many Miao Villages in Guizhou, there are already well-developed Xijiang Miao Village, and there are many original stockades that have not been overexploited. It is very suitable for friends who like humanities~
Xiao Lian