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Dafosi Grottoes
72 Reviews
Historical Site
忘情大师Binzhou (from Bin County to Binzhou City in May 2018) Dafo Temple Grottoes, located at the foot of Qingliang Mountain, 10 kilometers west of Binzhou City, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, at the foot of the Xilan Highway, has a history of 1,300 years. The original name was Yingfu Temple, and it was changed to Qingshou Temple in the Northern Song Dynasty. It was called Dafo Temple in the Ming Dynasty and is still used today. Divided into five parts: Big Buddha Cave, Thousand Buddha Cave, Luohan Cave (Buddha Cave), Zhangba Buddha Cave, and Sangfang Cave, it is the largest group of grottoes in Shaanxi. It was started in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and was basically completed in the second year of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty (628 years). There are 446 Buddhist niches and 1988 exquisite statues in the temple. In January 1988, the Great Buddha Temple Grotto was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit by the State Council. On June 22, 2014, at the 38th UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting held in Doha, Qatar, the Great Buddha Temple Grotto was a joint application of China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as the "Silk Road: Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor" A site in the "Road Network" was successfully included in the "World Heritage List." I wanted to visit the Big Buddha Temple early on. But due to traffic problems, I have been unable to do what I wanted. This time I drove from Xianyang by car, but I finally got it.
Shi Lang Lake
28 Reviews
沙漠之舟---船长Located in Binzhou City under Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. Walk 20 kilometers to the southwest, it is a small park. But the scenery is really good. Now after several years of renovation, the hotel and facilities are relatively complete.
Kaiyuan Temple Tower
33 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
julie2888The Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda in Binzhou City is located on the main street. The Kaiyuan Temple has disappeared. Only the tower is still there. The surrounding area is a newly built square. Behind the tower is a mountain. You don’t know what steps are being built on the mountain, destroying the overall environment. , I also want to take a photo of the tower with a clean background. The tower is a tower of the Song Dynasty, and it is well protected and cannot go up. The carvings on the tower wall are also exquisite. It is worth seeing.
Qinling Mausoleum
1,886 Reviews
Historical Site
问9888Qianling is one of the 18 tombs of Tang Dynasty in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi Province, located on Liangshan 6 kilometers north of Ganxian County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. It is a graveyard of Li Zhi and Wu Zetian of Gaozong in Tang Dynasty. The cemetery is large in scale and the area of the cemetery is "eighty miles". The cemetery has two wall inside and outside, the inner city wall of the north and south of 1450 meters, the east wall of 1,583 meters, the west wall of 1,438 meters, the total area is close to 2.4 million square meters. Qianling was built in Tangguang house in the first year of the year, the Shenlong two years added, the use of "for the hills for the tomb" construction method, the tomb area imitated Beijing Chang'an City structure. In addition to the main tomb, there are 17 small graves with other royal family members and meritorious retainers. Qian tomb is the most well preserved tomb of the 18 tombs of the Tang Dynasty, and the only tomb in the Tang Dynasty that has not been stolen. On March 04, 1961, Qianling was declared the first national key cultural relics protection unit by the State Council.
Zhaojin International Ski Resort
228 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
_We***15Not bad. I went on weekdays. There were not many people in the morning, and many people started to get up in the afternoon. I practiced making dumplings. The magic carpet for beginners is a bit slippery and fast. I can only play with these two for the first time. Dao played. My wife has never played, the coach is enthusiastic and professional, 240 per hour, my wife also learned to exercise Muggle for a while, and there is no compulsory consumption, okay, the cafeteria is a bit small, there are comments that the boiling water is not hot nor encountered, of course it is not ruled out few people. Tickets include snowboards and snowshoes, double-boards and poles, snow suits and helmets are charged separately, but it is not expensive, and overall it is good. Next time I have the opportunity to go to the northeast ski resort ⛄️
Huzi Square
12 Reviews
M14***19Huzi Square is the largest activity space for people in Binxian County. It is not only the first choice place for middle-aged and elderly people to dance and exercise, but also the first choice for young people to fall in love.

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Huzi Square
Huzi SquareXianyang,China

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Xianyang Binxian County Grand Buddha Temple
Xianyang Binxian County Grand Buddha TempleXianyang,China

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Shi Lang Lake
Shi Lang LakeXianyang,China

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Dafosi Grottoes
Dafosi GrottoesXianyang,China

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Huoguo Mountain Grottoes
Huoguo Mountain GrottoesXianyang,China

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Kaiyuan Temple Tower
Kaiyuan Temple TowerXianyang,China

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Binzhou Weather

Mar 2, 2021
-1 ~ 12
Mar 3, 2021
-2 / 15
Mar 4, 2021
1 / 16
Mar 5, 2021
0 / 16
Mar 6, 2021
2 / 10
Mar 7, 2021
Light rain
-1 / 9
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Binzhou
Mar 2, 2021 Binzhou Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:80%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:17/18:44
Binzhou Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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