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Zaihezhizhou Water Amusement Park

Zaihezhizhou Water Amusement ParkNearby City

3.7/523 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Eat: I went there after lunch. I only bought ice cream inside. I ate a lot of it inside. Intestines, hand cakes, instant noodles, buffet, ice cream, etc., are a bit more expensive than outside. Play: There are indoor and outdoor games, adults and children playing, exciting water entertainment projects, many different natural hot spring pools, tsunami pools, swimming pools, and a lot of fun. Parking: The parking lot is huge, with a parking fee of 10 yuan. Points to note: 1. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks in, but only water. 2. Generally, two people can rent a changing wardrobe. The changing room is separated for men and women. One cabinet is 15 with a bracelet. The deposit is 30. It is refundable. The bracelet can be recharged and the whole park can be consumed directly with the bracelet. 3. Swimsuits, slippers, mobile phone waterproof bags, etc. are also sold in the park, it is best to bring your own. 4. You can take a shower in the park, but you need to bring your own bath towels, slippers, and toiletries. The park is equipped with a hair dryer. 5. The tsunami pool must rent a life jacket, 20 adults, 10 children, you can recharge in the bracelet, so it is very convenient to spend money at any time, recharge up to 100, the tsunami pool is a fixed point to play, you can ask the staff in advance. 6. There are fish spas in the hot spring area, which are quite interesting and can be charged separately. 7. It seems that not all projects are opened every day, you can call the park in advance to confirm. 8. Those who buy regional special tickets need to bring the same household registration ID for verification. 9. Those with children can bring their children a blanket, after playing outdoor water sports, if there is wind, it may be a little cold. 10. You can apply sunscreen in advance to avoid sunburn." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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